Show him how much you love him!

August 18, 2015 - 2 min read

Here are 4 great date ideas for every couple.

Taree is home to some beautiful natural sights that make for a great backdrop to your romantic day or night out. We’ve put together this list of date ideas to do with your man, along with some exceptional Taree locations to match!

#1 Sports you’ll both love

You’re both in for a fun time when you opt for a good game of mini golf or bowling. The best thing about these activities is they can be as relaxed or competitive as you like! Take him for a surprise trip to the bowling alley, enjoy some nibbles and drinks, and have a date that is bound to be packed full of laughs, cheers and maybe a little friendly competition! Even if you’re not into the team sports he loves, score tickets to the game and go with him. You’ll be surprised how fun the stadium atmosphere can be.

#2 Go on a hike

If your significant other is an adventure-loving kind of guy, then why not take him for a surprise wilderness hike? Getting out for some exercise and fresh air in the picturesque scenery of the Manning River could be the perfect remedy to a long working week.

#3 Take it for a test drive

Check out your local luxury car dealership, and take a super swanky car for a test drive. This exhilarating ride will allow you and partner to get a little thrill, as well as step out of reality for a while. Once you hear the sound of the engine, you’ll be transported to a shiny metallic wonderland, complete with that new car smell!

#4 The ultimate dude night

Depending on how you usually spend your time together, this could be a total surprise to your man! Pick up his favourite drink on your way home from work, and get his favourite takeaway for dinner. When you get in, spend the evening playing video games together or watching an action movie while you chow down on his favourite delicacies.