When ale is crafted, all the yeast gathers at the top of the vessel rather than the bottom. This type of beer ferments at a high temperature, allowing the yeast to act quicker during the process. Ale is realitvely fast to produce, sometimes taking only 2 weeks to finish fermenting. It produces rich and complex flavours, with more yeasty tones than lager.

Some of the most popular types of ales include:

Wheat Beer – In general, all wheat beer is made from at least 50% wheat malt, giving it a cloudy appearance. Usually wheat beer is lightly coloured and fully flavoured!

Stout – Thick, black and rich are 3 perfect words to describe stout. They often taste of malt and caramel, deriving their tones from roasted barley.

Pale Ale – One of the most popular types of ales, pale ale is golden in colour with a dry and crisp hop flavour*.

Brown ale – Named after its colour, this traditional English-style ale can taste malty, nutty, sweet and lightly hopped all at the same time.

* A member of the hemp family, the hop plant is used as a stability agent in the fermenting process of beer. Naturally containing a very bitter oil, hop counters the sweetness from the malt to create a more balanced flavour.


Unlike Ale, the yeast in lager sinks to the bottom of the vessel. This type of brew ferments at a lower temperature, making the entire process longer to complete. In addition, the colder temperature and bottom-fermenting yeast creates fewer flavours, creating a more crisp, mild and cleaner taste.

Some of the most popular types of lager include:

Pilsner – This finely crafted brew is pale in colour, and denotes a smooth and clean taste, with a little more hops than your usual lager.

Red lager – Typically known as a more balanced beer, red lager is crisp and clean in taste, sporting aromas of caramel and other sweet tones.

Now you’ve learned the basics of beer, we bet you’re itching to try some! For a crisp cold brew in Queensland, visit the locations below!

Gold Coast – Woodchoppers Inn
Fantastic location - Woodchoppers Inn - Gold Coast
Fantastic location – Woodchoppers Inn – Gold Coast

For a great selection of beer in a friendly and welcoming environment, visit the team at Woodchoppers Inn. Tucked away in Mudgeeraba, this hinterland location is the perfect place to sit back and relax as you enjoy a tasty meal and cold crisp beer. Feeling peckish? Check out their range of tapas dishes, which are perfect to share with the entire table. For all your food (and beer) needs, say hello to the team at Woodchoppers Inn today.
Where: 64 Railway St, Mudgeeraba, QLD 4213

Fraser Coast – Hoolihans Irish Restaurant & Bar
Great atmosphere - Hoolihans Irish Restaurant and Bar - Fraser Coast
Great atmosphere – Hoolihans Irish Restaurant and Bar – Fraser Coast

If you’re looking for a popular pint of ale on the Fraser Coast, be sure to swing by Hoolihans Irish Restaurant and Bar. Keen to try some beer? Don’t leave without ordering yourself a pint of the Irish’s favourite ale—Guinness. Offering some of the finest pub grub including Irish stews, pies and burgers, this classic pub delivers nothing but good times, and is not one to be missed. Pop in and say hello to the welcoming team at Hoolihans Irish Restaurant and Bar today.
Where: 382 Esplanade, Torquay, QLD 4655


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