If you’re considering chopping that hair off, keep these handy tips in mind for styling and maintaining it after you leave the salon!

Dry shampoo is your friend

With short hair, you’ll notice it will become greasy a lot faster than those long locks. While your first instinct might be to wash it every day, this can damage your hair and stop it from growing out again in the future. Instead, on those days where you’re tempted to shampoo, opt for a dry shampoo to keep it looking sleek. We’ve even got some great dry shampoo tips to help you out.

Invest in hair accessories

While you may not have as many options when it comes to styling, hair accessories are your saviour. Instead of tying your hair up in a pony tail, you’ll find yourself reaching for that hair scarf or pinning back those awkward tendrils with some few stylish clips. Stock up on your hair accessories and we promise you won’t miss that long mane for a second!

Practise your braiding

A style tip that is great for short hair is the braid; opt for a braid crown to get your hair out of your face, or throw in a few stylish braids instead of a traditional up-do. While you might not be able to tie your hair up, a braid will keep those shorter lengths in place while still looking classy.

Leave the bottom layer alone!

Whether you’re opting to straighten or curl your short hair, there’s one trick that is widely known among other short-haired queens; don’t touch the bottom layer. The bottom half or third of your hair should be left untouched, and just the top curled or straightened. This will make your style sit better, give it a little added volume and stop that curly hair from turning into an afro.

Befriend your hairdresser

While short hair is fantastic, it does require a bit of extra maintenance. You’ll find yourself becoming pretty close to your hair stylist, so make sure you befriend them! You’ll be spending a lot of hours in that salon chair getting your hair trimmed to sit just right. If you haven’t found a local hairdresser yet, pick one out here. If you’re in Dubbo, we’ve done the hard yards for you!
Revive Hair Lounge
If you’re ready to take the plunge and chop those locks off, or need some maintenance for your chic bob, book into Revive Hair Lounge. The professional team of hairdressers can cut, colour and style your hair to perfection. Using only the highest-quality products, and with an experienced team of stylists, you can step into this salon and know you’re in good company. Call for an appointment today!
Address: 251 Fitzroy Street, Dubbo NSW 2830
Lumina Hair Design
For any of your hair styling needs, visit the friendly team at Lumina Hair Design. They’ll be able to discuss your next hair cut with you, so you choose a style and colour that suits you perfectly. Whether you just need a regular trim, a full re-style, or you’re fed up with short locks and want to opt for extensions, the talented hairdressers can help your dream become a reality. Make sure you call ahead, as this popular salon books up fast!
Address: Shop T4, Cnr Minore Rd & Baird Drive, Dubbo NSW 2830


If you have short hair and know of some great styling tips, let us know below!