Golf tips: Improve your putting game

August 8, 2015 - 2 min read

Planning on going to play golf and wanting to improve your putting game? We have some handy golf tips to improve your game.

Get it right

Before you attempt to master the putt, you need to get the fundamentals right. Head to your local Townsville golf course for a lesson and have them teach you the correct putting grip, ball positions and swing techniques. If you’re using the wrong techniques, the amount you practise will be irrelevant.

Practise your putting, a lot…

While you’ve probably clicked on this article hoping to find a quick fix to your putting woes, unfortunately this doesn’t exist. The secret to putting comes with practise. For the average social golfer, around 30 to 40 per cent of their total shots will be with the putter—compared to around 15 per cent with the driver. Since a lot of putting is judgement and feel-based, the more putts you make, the better your skills will develop.

Learn to read a green

You can be the most accurate putter in the world, but if you can’t read a green, you’ll find yourself 3 putting more often than not. Every green has different characteristics; from varied gradients and textures to moisture levels and topography, there are a number of factors affecting the path of your ball. If you’re eye can’t naturally see these variations, it might be worth seeking some green-reading help from a golfing professional.

Don’t go for the miracle putt

If you’ve got a massive putt ahead of you, many people make the mistake of going for the hole. This can often result in you smashing it long and 3 putting. Always aim short of the hole for long putts and you will find yourself 2 putting a lot more.

Learn to stroke a straight putt

A common mistake people make is hitting the ball like they do with their other clubs. Putting requires a lot more finesse. You want to stroke the putt, so the ball stays grounded its entire journey. Once you’ve mastered this, find a part of the practise green that has no slope and keep putting until you’ve mastered the straight putt from 5, 10 and 15 feet. Having confidence that you can hit the ball straight when required is key.

Test yourself under pressure

While you might think you’re starting to master the putt, a little bit of pressure and some more challenging greens at your local golf course can really put you under the pump. Call your mates up and head for a round at one of these popular Townsville Golf Courses. 


Do you have any of your own tips when it comes to improving your putting? Share your secrets in the comments below!

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