Shed Organisation Tips

December 3, 2015 - 3 min read

Sheds are great for storage and to be used as a space to keep all different types of equipment. Its easy for it to become unorganised, so we’ve come up with some great tips to keep your shed organised and clean!

Is organising your shed or garage on your ‘New Year resolutions’ list every year? If it is, it’s been staying there for a reason! Well these shed organising tips will help you get the job done in no time!

1. Spring Clean

Cleaning Garage

If your shed or garage is the spot where needless belongings go to collect dust, now is the time to start fresh! To help make organising your piles of ‘stuff’, start by creating 3 piles:

Keep Pile: Anything valuable or is frequently used.

Donate Pile: Items you no longer use or need, but are in good condition. You may even wish to hold a garage sale to collect some extra money.

Bin Pile: Rubbish, expired products and anything that can’t be donated—chuck it!

Be ruthless with your sorting, if you no longer use it—get rid of it! Once everything is out on the lawn, thoroughly sweep, scrub and pest-spray the space.

2. Utilise Your Walls, Door & Roof

Organised Tools

Creating a space for everything will mean you never end up with a messy workspace again! Try these tips for a clean space:

Pegboard: Pegboards are great for keeping tools and other hardware and yard items out of the way. Slip in hooks to hang up anything from shovels, brooms, peg boxes and even a clock.

Magnetic Strips: A magnetic strip above your workbench will enable you to quickly clear away nails, paintbrushes and lightweight tools. You can find cheap magnetic strips in kitchenware stores, often used for knife storage.

Ceiling Storage: Installing racks and shelving from your ceiling is a great place to tuck away Christmas decorations, inflatable boats and other things not regularly used.

Shoe Organisers: Hang a shoe organiser from the back of your doors for a nifty place to store garden hand-tools, seeds or other small items.

Wire & String: Forget about tangled wire and string with toilet paper holders! Install a few to your wall or pegboard for easy, clean storage of wire and string.

3. Workbench Tips


Every handyman, gardener and hobbyist needs a workbench. These tips will ensure you get the most from your workspace:

Workbench On Wheels: Having your workbench on wheels will mean you can wheel it outdoors to enjoy some sunshine, or when you need some fresh air while working with spray paint.
Have Space Underneath: Whether you have a stationary workbench or one with wheels, ensure you have space underneath. This space will help prevent pests from hiding in your garage or shed. It also makes for easy cleaning.

Shelving & Storage: A workbench with storage will help you have everything you need within reaching distance. Keep one draw dedicated for pencils, rulers and a sketchbook for planning your projects.

4. Put It All Back In

Tool hanger

Once you have your storage organised, group items together, such as garden tools, car care and lawn care in boxes, shelves or their designated storage position.

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