Design your dream she shed

July 27, 2015 - 2 min read

Looking to create a space just for you? Why not build your very own she shed? Here’s where to start!

Too long have men owned the backyard shed; a place that’s surrounded by mess, tools and often beer cans. She sheds are one of the newest crazes to hit our homes—and boy do we love them! The differences between your ordinary man cave and a she shed come in at the dozen. Instead of symbolising a dirt pit, these idyllic spaces are a place of refuge and tranquility; a spot where you can escape to completely relax. If you’re thinking of ways to kit out your she shed, we’ve found 5 big ideas to consider—check them out below!

The design

First thing’s first, choosing the perfect design. Remember, this space is all about you, so be sure to embrace your own personality and style into the design. Consider things such as what the space will be used for, as well as its surroundings before picking the perfect she shed design for you.

Simple storage

Once you’ve decided on the perfect she shed, you’re going to have to think about storage—after all, nobody likes clutter! Some great options can include unique shelving, chest of drawers’, tiny cabinets and even vintage trunks. Again, embrace your personality into this aspect of the design—it’s all about you!

Choose a theme

Picking the right theme for your she shed is perhaps one of the most important decisions you’ll make. You want to make sure that the theme fits well within the space, and symbolises somewhere that you’d happily spend hours. Some examples could include a beach shack theme, shabby chic design or even something completely outrageous like a glamorous palace—it’s up to you!

Diverse furniture

A great way to maximise the space within your she shed is with diverse furniture. Things such as fold-up deck chairs and tuck-away tables are a great way to increase the space without the area looking ugly and cluttered. After all, you’re not just limited to the inside space. Create yourself a little garden and pull out your chair and table when you want to use the area!

Interior decor

Now to the fun part—interior decor. Keeping in-line with your chosen theme, decorate the inside—and outside—of your she shed exactly the way you want. Some effective and easy ways to add instant character include candle lighting, flowers, cushions, decorative rugs and artwork!