Save on groceries & splurge on dinner in Coffs

July 30, 2015 - 2 min read

Wanting to know how to save money on your grocery shop, so you can splurge a little on a nice dinner out? Well we have you covered with some ways to save!

Buy in bulk

Buying food in bulk can save you tonnes of cash. This generally works well for non-perishable items such as canned veggies and sauces, but it can also be a huge benefit when buying items such as meat or bread, which can be frozen.

Plan your meals
By planning the meals you intend to cook, you won’t spend money on unnecessary items. Write down your weekly menu and make a list of all the ingredients needed for those meals. You’ll find you leave the grocery store with far less than usual!

Buy when things are on sale
Similar to buying things in bulk, if you stock up on non-perishable or freezable items when they’re on sale, you’ll save yourself a bunch!

Skip on meat
By cutting down on the amount of meat you eat, you can save a huge amount of money on groceries. Meat is often the most expensive part of any grocery bill, and can be easily substituted with other protein-packed foods such as beans and lentils.

Grow your own herbs
If you’ve ever tried to make a meal from a recipe book, you’ll notice that most of them contain a huge amount of fresh herbs and spices. Buying fresh herbs from the grocery store can really put a hole in your pocket, so why not save that money and make your own herb garden instead?

Freeze meals
Reducing waste is a great way to save money. Think of all those dollars that end up in the bin because you’ve let something go past its use-by date! If you’re worried that things are going to go off, or you know you don’t have a lot of time to cook over the next week, cook your meals ahead of time and then freeze them.

Don’t shop on an empty stomach
An age-old adage, it’s true that shopping on an empty stomach is guaranteed to make that grocery bill skyrocket. Have a snack before you leave the house so you’re not tempted to pick up an extra 10 items while walking the aisles.

What do you love to spend your hard-earned money on? Let us know your favourite Coffs restaurant to splurge on below!

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