How social is your living space?

July 30, 2015 - 2 min read

The question is, how social is your home? There’s nothing worse than not having enough space to relax, chat and socialise with your fellow housemates. Whether you’re living with friends, family or just your partner, check out these awesome home designs that will be sure to bring the household together. From open-plan living spaces to kitchen islands and outdoor areas, there really is something for everyone—so what are you waiting for? Read on to find the best social designs for your home!

Whether you enjoy a good chinwag while cooking dinner or prefer to chill out and relax with friends on the sofa, there’s no denying that the lounge and kitchen are the most sociable rooms in every household. If you’re finding your living space quiet and secluded, perhaps it’s time to jazz things up? Check out these great, social-friendly designs to suit any home!

Kitchen island

Social kitchen - stock image
Social kitchen – stock image

Well known as the heart of the home, the kitchen is a great social space to chat to family and entertain friends. One way to transform this area into a social haven is by adding an island! This multi-functional design will create a central base in the room, allowing you to cook, eat, relax and socialise all at the same time. Why not pull up a few bar stools and double the area up as a breakfast bar? Whatever you choose, you’re bound to love this social design.

Open-plan living space

Modern and open - stock image
Modern and open – stock image

If your living space is segregated into rooms, you may want to rethink your floor plans. Turning your home into an open-plan design is a great way to instantly make the area a more sociable space. Of course, you can still allocate areas to certain themes i.e. lounge, study, TV room, etc. By opening up your home, you’ll make it feel far more welcoming and ideal for entertaining.

Sofa pit

Welcoming lounge - stock image
Welcoming lounge – stock image

Too often we keep our furniture to the outsides of the room. To make your living space more social—especially in the lounge—bring your sofas, chairs and coffee tables to the centre of the room. This will immediately create a more social and intimate setting, rather than sitting miles apart from one another while you relax in the evenings. Who knows—you might not even need to switch on the TV!

Outdoor entertaining area

Lovely garden - stock image
Lovely garden – stock image

Outdoor entertaining areas are a fantastic way to liven up your backyard. There are various ways you can make it more social depending on your personal taste, however some ideas include laying down decking, investing in a modern fire pit and utilising the space with outdoor furniture. Whether you’ve got a large garden or a tiny space, you’re bound to find the perfect outdoor design for you.