The journey begins

Start your journey from the north of Port Macquarie and travel south on the Pacific Highway until Hastings River Drive. From here you can venture into town and enjoy views of Hastings River as you make your way into the Port Macquarie CBD. Be sure to take a left on Settlement Point Road for the best views of the river before making your first stop.

Pit stop #1 – breakfast

Casualties Espresso

Plenty of breakfast options, Casualties Espresso - Port Macquarie
Plenty of breakfast options, Casualties Espresso – Port Macquarie

When visiting Casualties Espresso you can choose to grab a takeaway cappuccino and explore the many surrounding sights or take a seat and fuel up with a big brekky. If you really want a pick-me-up for your big trip ahead, combine a perfectly blended espresso with the Banged Up Bacon and Eggs for a great energy boost, otherwise the Manic Muesli could be a better option for those looking for something a bit lighter.
Where: 23 Clarence Street Port Macquarie NSW

Enter the Port Macquarie coastline

After you’ve had a good caffeine hit and a nutritious breakfast head down Williams Street that intersects into Pacific Drive; here you’ll catch your first glimpse of the Port Macquarie coastline. Wind down your window and feel the fresh coastal air flowing through your hair as you glide down the road. Feel free to stop off at any of the four beaches that you’ll pass before your next pit stop.

Pit stop #2 – lunch

Port Macquarie Golf Club

Gourmets mains, Port Macquarie Golf Club - Port Macquarie
Gourmets mains, Port Macquarie Golf Club – Port Macquarie

Why are we stopping at a golf club if we’re on a mission to see the coastline you ask? Well located inside the clubhouse is the award-winning Aspire Restaurant. This contemporary a la carte restaurant makes for the perfect place to relax and unwind over a delicious lunch selection. If you’d prefer a lighter option for breakfast then we suggest you dig into the freshly crumbed tropical parmigiana with salad and chips; or else the crepe and salad might be a smarter option if you’re still planning on going out for dinner.
Where: Ocean Drive Port Macquarie NSW

The home stretch

After your meal at Aspire Restaurant, get back onto Ocean Drive and drive south re-immersing yourself in the serenity created by unparalleled views of the coastline. Be sure to turn off and explore the many nature reserves and lakes that surround the area. You can choose to get back onto Ocean Drive and keep heading south for as long as you’d like or stop in at Bonny Hills for a beach side feast.

Pit stop #3 – dinner

Fat Fish Beachfront Bistro

Eat with a view, Fat Fish Beach Bistro - port Macquarie
Eat with a view, Fat Fish Beachfront Bistro – Port Macquarie

Ask any Bonny Hills local and they will tell you that Fat Fish Beachfront Bistro is best place to eat if you want to take in the coastline while you’re at it. Located adjacent to Wauchope Bonny Hills Surf Club, after a big day of driving order a meal and feel free to just relax at your table by the balcony and take it all in without having to focus on the road. Offering modern Australian food with an Asian twist, this casual yet elegant restaurant provides the perfect setting to end your day of Port Macquarie exploration.
Where: Beach Street Bonny Hills, NSW

Have we missed your favourite Port Macqaurie cafe or restaurant to stop off at during your coastal adventures?