Redefine your bathroom

August 7, 2015 - 2 min read

Create a space for you to enjoy in your own bathroom. Here are some easy ways to redesign your bathroom!

Has your humble abode’s bathroom remained unchanged since the ’70’s? Whether you’re rocking old-school tiling or think your bathroom is lacking personality, it’s time to change things up and create your ultimate bathroom paradise! Usually a place of relaxation and privacy, your bathroom should combine stylish design with functionality to give you a beautiful and useable space. Read on for our tips for creating the bathroom you’ve always wanted!

Much like the kitchen, a bathroom needs to be functional. This doesn’t mean it has to be boring! We’ve looked into the coolest ideas for bathrooms to give you some inspiration.

Add a spa


As if there isn’t a spa in your dream home? Available in different shapes and sizes, it’s possible to find one that fits your bathroom space. Get rid of your ordinary bathtub and replace it with a bubbling tub of ultimate relaxation, where you can escape for a little while and enjoy the serenity.

Add an antique vanity


This may seem like a strange idea at first, but rest assured, a seemingly out-of-place object can really give the room some much-needed character. By taking out your connected basin and adding a wooden vanity, your bathroom will look like no other! One-off pieces are very popular nowadays—adding one to the bathroom will increase the room’s originality and add a large amount of personality.

Play with lighting


The way you light a room has a huge impact on the atmosphere the room creates. If you want to create that serene escapist bathroom that you’ve always wanted, consider a unique lighting option! Whether you choose to add some stylish wall lights or an obscure piece to create texture around the room, you’re spoilt for choice. Also, to create the right mood, consider adding dimmer switches, so you can have the perfect ambient lighting when you opt for candlelit bubble baths.

Update your shower head


If you want to make a simple change that’ll bring your bathroom into 2015, browse for a new shower head! With so many styles to choose from, you can transform that old, pressureless head into a functional water feature. If a jacuzzi is out of your price range or you don’t have enough space, updating your shower head will create that refreshing change you’ve been craving.