5 life-changing DIY beauty hacks

August 7, 2015 - 2 min read

Want us to let you in on a few DIY hacks? Take a read of our blogs for some nail art, mascara, body scrub and toothbrush hacks!

Band-Aid nail art

The little holes found on Band-Aids can be used to make beautifully simple polka dot nail art. Just paint a base coat on your nails, wait for the to nail polish to dry and press the Band-Aid onto your nail (the part with the holes). Paint a contrasting colour over the Band-Aid for the perfectly-spaced pattern finish.

Baby powder eyelash extensions

Forget about false eyelash extensions! Apply one coat of your mascara, then grab a cotton bud and dust baby powder over your eyelashes. Finish with one more coat of mascara and the baby powder will stick to your lashes, making them perfectly long without the need for messy falsies.

Credit card for mascara shield

Are you sick of getting mascara all over your face? Simply grab a credit card, hold it under your lashes and go lather them with your mascara. Your lashes will get a healthy coat and the leftover mascara will be left on the credit card instead of your face, it’s a win win—just make sure you don’t cover your signature with mascara!

Coffee body scrub

If you don’t want to splash out on expensive exfoliating lotions, grab a few coffee grinds from the kitchen and mix them with whatever body wash you normally use. Coffee grinds are a natural exfoliant and will help get rid of that dead skin, while making your skin glow and smell amazing!

Washable glue for the perfect manicure

If you’re constantly getting paint all over your cuticles when you reapply your nail polish, we’ve got the solution for you! Simply apply a washable glue to your cuticles before you start, and any stray polish can be peeled off after you’re done!

Tame frizz with a toothbrush

We all know just how annoying those wispy little hairs around your face can be. Just grab a toothbrush you don’t need, put a little hairspray on the bristles and brush back any strays, for a more healthy frizz-free look.


Do you have any secret DIY beauty tips of your own? Please share your tips in the comments below!

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