#1 Turn a short sleeve shirt into a singlet

Singlet recycled clothing
To convert a short-sleeved shirt into a singlet, make sure you accurately measure both sleeves of your shirt, before cutting these at the same point. Once the sleeves have been cut off, fold the edge over twice and stitch a very fine hemline of 2-3 centimetres in width. You can add gauze, sequins or lace to the neckline for a dressier look, or keep it plain if you prefer.

#2 Cut-off pants or jeans to make shorts

If you would like to turn your winter pants or jeans into shorts, the first step is to measure the length of your pant or jean leg so that when you cut them down, both sides are even. Make sure to allow a couple of centimetres additional length on either leg, as the fabric may ride up, especially if it’s denim.
Denim doesn’t need to be hemmed once it is cut-off, it can be frayed to give it a distressed edge, which is a style that doesn’t date. Other pant fabrics generally need to be hemmed once they have been cut off, or if you’re after a more tailored look, can be folded and finely hemmed to make a cuff.

#3 Convert a long sleeve shirt to short sleeve

T-shirt recycled clothing
To convert a long sleeve shirt into a short sleeve, carefully measure the sleeve length and cut both sides off at the same point. Fold the freshly cut sleeve over at the armhole before stitching a hemline of 3-4 centimetres in width. If you would like to make your t-shirt stand out, sew some colourful buttons on the front of the shirt or along the shoulder, or attach a contrasting coloured lace, gauze or other type of fabric to the hem.

#4 Make a winter coat into a cropped jacket

Before you decide to turn your winter coat into a cropped jacket, assess whether the tailoring of the jacket would suit a shorter length. If so, then you need to determine how short you would like your recycled jacket to be, then carefully cut and hem your winter coat to this length. If you would like more detail on your jacket, remove the buttons and add new buttons of a contrasting colour, or ruche the hemline into a pleated or fluted finish.

If you lack confidence in your sewing abilities, or don’t have the time to recycle your winter wardrobe, drop into your local Sunshine Coast drycleaners for professional clothing alterations. Have your clothes dry-cleaned at the same time, so that your hot new summer wardrobe is ready to go when the temperatures start to soar!

These leading Sunshine Coast dry-cleaners offer a complete range of clothing alteration services.

ACE Drycleaners & Launderers
Whether you need clothing alterations, cleaning, pressing, ironing or repairs, the Maroochydore drycleaners have you covered. The Sunshine Coast drycleaners specialise in:

  • Dry-cleaning & alterations for bedding, quilts & blankets
  • Repairing zippers, seams, buttons & hems
  • Pressing & ironing

Find out more about the many services they offer on ACE Drycleaners & Launderers LocalSearch Profile Page.

Presto’s Dry Cleaners
Presto’s Dry Cleaners are experts in domestic and commercial dry-cleaning and clothing alterations, the Sunshine Coast dry-cleaners are available at 2 central locations, Maroochydore and Sunshine Plaza. They also provide convenient pick-up and delivery throughout the Sunshine Coast. Presto’s Dry Cleaners offer dry cleaning, repairs and alterations for:

  • Suede & leather garments
  • Quilts, bedspreads & doonas
  • Formal wear & delicates

For further information on this business check out Presto’s Dry Cleaners LocalSearch Profile Page today!
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