Real or fake: the tan debate

August 5, 2015 - 2 min read

Debating on weather to get a fake tan or not? Well we have some positives for way fake tan is a better option than going out in the sun.

Not convinced that a fake tan is the best option for you? Read on and we’re sure you’ll change your mind.

They’re instant
There’s no lying around in the sun for days on end for this tan. A fake tan is a great way to go from pale to tanned in an instant (some new products are instant drying as well!). Don’t waste those hours baking in the sun, trust an aerosol can instead!
You can pick your colour
Are you after a yellow-based tan to match your olive skin? Or maybe you need a blue or green-based tanning product to complement your fair complexion? Not only that, but how dark a tan do you want? While sitting out in the sun will give you a natural-looking tan (followed by peeling red skin), you never really have control over how dark or light your skin will be. Not with fake tan! Choose a dark glow or a barely-there tint—the choice is yours!
You can avoid sun damage
One of the most obvious benefits to fake tanning is that there are no major health concerns! Sitting out in the sun trying to catch a tan can result in sun damage—both minor and major. On the minor side, you may just notice a few sun spots. On the major side, not protecting your skin from excessive UV rays can result in a higher risk of skin cancer. Stay safe and trust in the fake tan!
Look younger for longer
Did you know the sun can age your skin by drying it out? Stick with fake tan—its moisturising properties can help your skin looking young! Invest in a good-quality fake tan lotion with a decent moisturiser to keep that skin looking supple. It’s a win-win!

What do you love about fake tans? Comment and let us know!

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