Maintain your style in between trims!

August 5, 2015 - 2 min read

Wanting to know how to keep your hair healthy in between going to the hairdressers? We have some tips to make sure your hair is healthy and fresh everyday.

Use a colour depositing shampoo and conditioner
If you opt for an all-over dye when you visit the hairdressers, you might find that it quickly loses its vibrance. One of the best ways to keep that colour fresh (without resorting to a DIY job) is to invest in a quality colour-depositing shampoo and conditioner. These work by adding a little bit of dye to your hair every time it’s applied, so it doesn’t drastically change the shade of your hair but is perfect for the upkeep! There are plenty of brands that offer these products, and most of them come in a huge range of colours and shades to suit every hairstyle.

Treat your hair to regular masks
When our skin is feeling dry, we often reach straight for that moisturising face mask. But what about when our hair is dry? One way to keep those split ends at bay is by indulging in a weekly hair mask. These deep-conditioning masks are a great way to restore moisture to those locks and keep your hair healthy until your next trim.

Opt for layers
Next time you sit down in the salon chair, ask for some light layering on your cut. These can be as subtle or as obvious as you like, and they’ll help your hair keep its shape as it grows out.

Put down the dryer
Hair styling tools such as straighteners and hair dryers can be detrimental to the health of your hair. Using heat-styling tools daily will destroy those healthy locks in no time! If you can, avoid using a dryer or straightener unless it’s for a special occasion, and learn some new styling techniques that don’t require heat.

Sleep like a queen
One thing that is often not considered is the pillow that we sleep on—for 8 hours a night your hair will be rubbing against your pillow, so there is a huge chance of damaging your locks! Swap your cotton pillowcase out for a satin or silk one. The smooth fabric will stop hair breakage and help you to avoid getting split ends.

Know a fantastic way to maintain that style between trims? Comment and let us know!

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