Perfect additions for the Aussie backyard

July 28, 2015 - 2 min read

Is your yard the perfect cricket pitch, or do you prefer a tranquil garden area to relax in? No matter how you use it, we’ve found some ways to upgrade your backyard with some great additions that can suit any size Aussie yard or budget.

Whether you’re looking to redesign your entire garden or wanting to make a small change, look no further! The backyard should be a place where you can find solace, entertain guests and watch the kids play around—no matter how small your space. So if your backyard is needing a little TLC, or you’ve always wanted to make some improvements, why not get started today? Read on to find out some handy hints on how to spruce up your backyard!

Greenery, deck chairs, water features—the possibilities are endless. Whether you want your little outdoor pasture transformed into an urban oasis, or if you want to create an excellent, safe play area for the kids, these ideas will get your garden mind flowing.

Rock couture


Does that dead patch of grass make you feel depressed every time you see it? Without the time or effort to maintain your garden, why not opt for stones instead? Digging out that dead patch and replacing it with stones will add a sleek touch to your backyard—perfect if you’re aiming for a more urban feel. Make room for some potted plants and add a walkway around the rocks; you’ve got yourself some urban couture!

Raised garden beds


Raised beds for your flowers and herbs will truly increase the visual value of your backyard. Raised garden beds can also help you create more intimate settings for your outdoor furniture. What could be better than reading a book on your sun bed, surrounded by all of your beautiful flora?

Make a play haven


To create novelty fun for the kids, you can’t go past a giant chess board or hopscotch pavers. Bring back classic games from your childhood and share them with your children. It’s simple to make your own hopscotch using tile pavers and some paint, and then you can customise the game however you like! Alternatively, you could purchase chalk board paint, and paint over a section of the floor or wall to turn into a drawing space.

Add a deck


Nothing defines a space quite like a raised platform. No matter how much space you have to work with, decks are great additions to an Aussie backyard. If you’re worried about having to knock down that huge tree—don’t! Build the deck around it and allow it to become the centrepiece of your platform. A deck can really assist in segmenting your outdoor space and creating an elegant outdoor dining area.