5 things all bird owners should know

July 28, 2015 - 2 min read

Looking to buy a new bird, or already a happy owner? Here are our 5 top tips to know to make sure your pet bird is happy and healthy.

Read on to discover 5 things all bird owners need to know.

1. Make sure they don’t starve

Sure, this may seem like common sense, however it can be easy to think your bird’s feeder is full, when it’s actually empty. Birds crack their nuts and grains to consume the goodness of the inside, which means a feeder that looks full, might actually just be filled with grain husks. To be healthy, birds require a mix of grains, fruits, vegetables and seeds. You’ll need to be vigilant with their feed and make sure they’re not going hungry. Each species has different requirements, so be sure to discuss this with your local vet.

2. You’ll need to switch out your cookware

Did you know that non-stick cookware releases an odourless fume when hot? These fumes are toxic to birds, and can kill them in a matter of minutes. So you may have to switch the Teflon for stainless steel pots and pans instead. This also goes for scented candles, smoking, oils and air fresheners.

3. Get a good vacuum

Birds are messy, very messy. In most cases, you’ll need to sweep or vacuum daily to keep up with the constant flow of seed husks and feathers your bird will fling out of its cage. If you want a low-maintenance pet, a bird probably isn’t for you. Owning a bird takes a lot of time, and have to be tamed on an individual basis and require daily interaction. Be sure you want to devote this much time to your bird before buying one.

4. You may need earplugs

Birds love to talk incessantly. In doing so, they create a lot of noise that can be difficult to endure. Before getting a bird, be sure you’re ready to put up with a noisy pet. They also wake up when the sun rises, which means you probably will too.

5. Not all attire is bird-friendly

Birds love shiny objects, so any apparel with diamantes, beads or sequins are a no-no when handling your bird. You’ll also want to take off any jewellery you don’t want chewed up. Be prepared to lose a few buttons, too!