Ovens & stoves: gas vs. electric

August 3, 2015 - 2 min read

Fact: ovens and stoves are essential appliances for every kitchen. Regardless of your diet and personal preferences, we all rely on these appliances to cook up delicious meals time and again. The question is, what’s better: good old-fashioned gas or its biggest rival, electric? We’re here to settle this battle once and for all.

Check out the pros and cons below before choosing what oven and stove you’d like to install. Need a professional to make your kitchen dreams a reality? We’ve even included a couple of kitchen renovators who can help you out!

Gas pros

  • Gas stoves offer instant heat as soon as it’s turned on, allowing you to start cooking immediately.
  • Generally, gas ovens and stoves are cheaper to run than their electric rivals. This is because gas tends to be slightly cheaper than electricity and doesn’t need a lot of fuel to operate.
  • The temperature can be easily and quickly adjusted during cooking.

Electric pros

  • Electric ovens and stoves tend to be cheaper to buy than gas, which is great if you’re on a budget.
  • They are multi-functional and often have a top and bottom element, allowing you to effectively use the space.
  • You’ll find electric ovens produce a very even temperature and mostly always have fans to spread the heat.
  • The stove top is extremely easy to clean with just a simple wipe down.

Gas cons

  • You’ll find many gas ovens aren’t fan forced, which can cause bad air circulation. This means the top of your oven will most probably be a lot hotter than the bottom.
  • Gas ovens and stoves are quite commonly more expensive to buy than electric alternatives.
  • Gas stoves are a lot harder to clean than electric stoves.

Electric cons

  • Although you may save on the initial purchase, electric ovens and stoves can cost more to run. This is because electric tends to be more expensive than gas.
  • If your pan is bigger than the stove ring, you’ll find it takes longer to heat up than it would on gas.
  • The heat from electric ovens contains less moisture than gas, and is known to dry out foods such as meats, pies, etc.