8 great plants for NT gardens

August 3, 2015 - 2 min read

Some types of plants need a hot and humid environment. Here are 8 great plants you can grow in any garden across the NT.

Are you keen to breathe new life into your Northern Territory garden? Whether you’re after a completely different design or would just like to make a few minor changes, there are so many ways to boost natural beauty in your own backyard. We’ve done our research and found 8 great plants, which are perfect for growing in the hot NT climate. From native species to more unusual types, follow this guide for some of the best around. Need some professional help revamping your mediocre yard into a luscious paradise? Talk to the NT landscapers and designers below!

Billy buttons (craspedia variabilis)

Billy buttons are a great plant for a variety of hot climates and are perfectly suited to the Northern Territory. They look great in flower borders and pots, and thrive in dry to moist soil.

Sturt’s desert rose (gossypium sturtianum)

Native to the Northern Territory, Sturt’s desert rose is an evergreen shrub that flowers throughout the year. It’s suited to hot overhead sun and can grow up to 1 to 2 metres high.

Tufted bluebell (wahlenbergia communis)

Tufted bluebell looks beautiful in a variety of locations including flower boxes, garden borders and informal edging. It suits areas with hot overhead sun and produces soft blue flowers.

Bali tree (calophyllum inophyllum)

This evergreen tree thrives in dry, hot climates and suits a variety of garden designs. It can grow up to 20 metres in height and produces gorgeous white and yellow flowers.

Cactus (cactaceae)

This sun-loving plant is great for drought-prone climates and needs little water to thrive. There are thousands of cactus species, both small and large.

Bottlebrush endeavour (callistemon citrinus)

This native Australian plant can grow up to 3 metres in width and height, and features unique red flowers. It is easy to grow and will thrive in harsh conditions with very little care.

Lilly pilly (syzygium smithii)

Whether it’s planted as a hedge or in a large pot, lilly pillys look great. Originating from the Northern Territory, this plant offers a beautiful flower all year round and is perfect for warm-temperate climates.

Carpentaria palm (carpentaria acuminata)

Well known as ‘carpie’ throughout its native home of the Northern Territory, this plant is fast growing, adaptable and bright. Carpentaria palms are hardy to warm climates and are a great indoor or outdoor choice.