What does the dictionary say?

Organic fruit
Organic fruit

According to the Macquarie Dictionary, the word ‘organic’ refers to produce “which does not use chemical fertilisers or pesticides”.

A more elaborate explanation…

Regardless of whether the produce in question is for consumption, clothing or cosmetic use, it has to be produced according to government-approved standards in order to be defined as organic. This includes:

The Way It’s Farmed & Produced

Organic farming
Organic farming

The way in which produce is farmed is without doubt the most important factor when it comes to classing it organic—or not. The fundamental principle of organic farming is to produce high-quality food and products without using artificial fertilisers, chemicals, additives, dyes, pesticides… and the list goes on. In a nutshell, produce that is organic should be free of absolutely everything, (apart from soil and water!)
With regards to livestock, all organic produce must be 100 per cent free range and pasture-fed with produce and seeds that are non-GM. On top of this, the entire rearing process has to be water efficient and biodiversity friendly.

Organic vs Certified Organic

Although products may claim to be ‘organic’, the only way to ensure this is to purchase items that carry an established certification mark such as Australian Certified Organic. Click here to view the Australian Certified Organic Standard.

Why Is Organic Better?

Fresh, organic carrots
Fresh, organic carrots

There are many reasons why people believe organic produce to be superior to other kinds of produce. Some believe that the taste and nutritional benefits are far greater than your run-of-the-mill produce, while others consider its minimal impact on the environment to be reason enough to buy.

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