Make Use Of Christmas Cards

Don’t let all those lovely Christmas cards from colleagues, family and friends sit hidden away in a draw! Using clips or glue, attach your cards to a festive piece of ribbon then hang your Christmas cards around the house for all to see! You can even skip the ribbon altogether and place your cards standing up around the house.

Formal Christmas Finishings

If you want to add a touch of class to your Christmas, without breaking the bank, formal chair covers are simple solution. Firstly, using a white material, place a white cover over all your dining chairs. Then, with a piece of red material, tie a big red bow over the back of the chair and you’re all read for an elegant holiday season feast.

Pillow Presents

Using only a couple of bits of ribbon, you can turn your throw pillows into soft and cuddly Christmas decorations. Simply tie a bow around your pillows using the holiday-coloured ribbon and they’ll look just like Christmas gifts.

Decorative Sweets

As if you needed any more encouragement, take a trip down to your local confectionary store and pick yourself up some Christmas candy. Place this candy in a few wine glasses for tasty and effective Christmas decorations. This is one the kids will love helping out with.

Wreathe Snowman

For a twist on the more traditional door wreathe, you can turn multiple wreathes into a snowman decoration! Simply purchase three wreathes (all in different sizes) and hang them stacked on your door. Then glue a couple of sticks in the middle wreath for your snowman’s arms. Finish with a Christmas scarf and beanie—or any other accessory you can think of.
In order to get the best results, use green wreathes for a white door and white/silver wreathes for any other coloured door.

The Power Of Flowers

With so much emphasis on Christmas decorations, often flowers are put to the wayside. There’s no better way to liven up your home and get into the festive spirit then with a few bright flowers. Whether you’re creating a Christmas centrepiece or just adding a few flowers here and there, try sticking to floral arrangements with festive colours like green, red, white and blue.

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Blossoms of Tweed
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Skeleton Leaf
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