• Tennis ball—tape can be applied to one side for added swing
  • Stumps—a garbage bin can be used as a substitute
  • Cricket bat



  • No LBWs. If the ball hits your leg in front of the wickets, it’s play on—regardless of how plumb it looks.
  • 6 and out. If you hit the ball over the fence, you’re out!
  • Under no circumstances can you get out first ball, unless it’s 6 and out.
  • Boundaries are the fence line. Hit the boundary on the full for a 6.
  • In the case that there’s not enough players for a wicketkeeper, an automatic wicketkeeper will takeover. The auto-wicketkeeper will always catch any edges!
  • All trees are considered fielders. Hit them on the full and you’re out!
  • One hand, one bounce. After a ball bounces off an object or the ground, a fielder may catch the ball with one hand.
  • Tippity Run. Players must run if the ball is hit, regardless of how hot it is!
  • Younger players and first-time players are allowed a second chance after getting dismissed, unless they’re playing too well, then their second chance will be revoked.
  • You can’t bowl too quickly. If you continue to bowl too quickly after being warned, you must bowl spin from then on.
  • Any expensive items in or around the backyard (windows, cars etc.) are off limits. Hit these too hard or on the full and you’re out.
  • When a batsman reaches a pre-determined maximum score, retirement
    is enforced.
  • When running between wickets, a batsman is still considered out of their crease until they scream, “safe”!

Spirit of the game


  • You shouldn’t take backyard cricket too seriously. Whether it’s in the field, bowling or batting, have a laugh and enjoy yourself—no tears allowed.
  • Regardless of how you’re given out, you should always argue your wicket.
  • You shouldn’t swing the bat too hard. Too many lost balls and damaged items can get the game called off.
  • Bouncers are normally considered off limits unless the batsman is taking the game too seriously.
  • Whenever someone asks if you’ve completed your over, you must always say, “Nah, I’ve got one more ball!”
  • Everyone should have a bowl, regardless of how hopeless they may be.
  • If you hear the sound of glass smashing, it’s game over!

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