New Dads: Tips For The Birth

September 3, 2015 - 2 min read

Are you about to be a dad and want to know how you can prepare for your new born? Have a read of our tips and find out how you can prepare to make the birth of your child, as seamless as possible.

Ask For Support

The birth of a newborn is a rollercoaster ride for you both. If you’re working full-time with a heavily pregnant partner at home, don’t be afraid to call on your close family and friends for support during this period. Whether you and your partner want a hand running everyday errands or need emotional and social support, don’t go it alone!

Get Time Off

While getting time off can be difficult, it’s important to make sure you’re there for your partner during labour and in the early stages of your baby’s development. If you can organise an extended period off work, do so! Otherwise, try to work less hours or from home. The more support you can provide your partner during this time, the better (also, you get essential bonding time with your bub!).

Packing for hospital

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement when your partner goes into labour. But it’s your job to stay calm, reassure her and pack everything you both need for hospital.

New dad birth survival kit:

  • Camera & video camera—you can use your smartphone instead if you’d like
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Glasses or contact lenses (if required)
  • A hefty supply of your partner’s favourite foods & snacks
  • Games, books or music
  • Toiletries
  • Identification and hospital paperwork
  • A few days’ worth of comfortable clothes for you & your partner, including a bathrobe, nightgown & slippers
  • A baby capsule, baby clothes & blankets—for when you leave with your newborn

Getting to hospital

Make sure you know the route to hospital like the back of your hand. There’s nothing more frustrating for a soon-to-be mum in labour, than driving around in circles looking for the hospital.

What to do during the birth

While you’ve probably been shown how to support your partner during labour in your antenatal classes, here’s a little refresher. Birth is a beautiful, yet stressful time for you and your partner. Nobody likes seeing their partner in pain, but it’s important to remain calm and stay by their side. You can help by timing her contractions and doing breathing exercises with her.
Once your little miracle has been brought into the world, be sure to hang around and embrace the moment as a family before racing off to tell friends and family.

This is part 2 of our ‘New Dad’ series, keep an eye out for part 3 ‘Tips For The First Year’ coming soon. Or refer to part 1 for ‘Tips For The Pregnancy Period‘.

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