The Basics

Whether you’re heading up the coast for a holiday, or across the great Australian outback, these basic caravan accessories will help make your trip problem free.

1. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit
This is the most important thing you can have in your caravan. Imagine being in the middle of the Australian outback and urgently needing a bug bite soothing remedy, or a Band-Aid, and not having your trusty first aid kid!
Ensure you replenish your stock each time you pass through town, if it’s been used.

2. A Tool Kit

If you’re travelling through remote areas, mechanics can be hundreds of kilometres apart. Stock a tool kit with the basics, including pliers, a screwdriver, insulation tape and fuses to get you out of minor sticky spots.
Make sure you have a list of numbers for tow-truck drivers in the areas you’ll be travelling, just in case of a problem you can’t fix. You can find a large list of tow-truck drivers on LocalSearch.

3. Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning products
Cleaning supplies are one of the most forgotten things when heading on a caravan adventure. As you won’t have tons of room for them, only take the basics you’ll need on the road, such as a multi-purpose spray or wipes, toilet cleaner and room freshener.

Luxury Accessories

So you’ve got the basics, but you want a comfortable ride. Check out these luxury caravan accessories for your next trip.

1. Awning With Tent Option

Caravan awning
Attaching a pull out awning to your caravan will give you somewhere to enjoy your morning cuppa in the fresh air, plus create a homely feel. Look for an awning with the option of attaching a tent, which is great as an extra bedroom, pets or just to have a fly-free kitchen and dining room.

2. Solar Or Battery Powered Ice Box

Frozen food
You’re caravan may have a bar fridge and even a freezer, but having an extra ice box will enable you to pre-cook meals and store them, ready to heat and serve.
Plus you can take it with you if you go on any off-road adventures away from your caravan, so you can take cold drinks and food!

3. Wi-Fi Booster

We know the whole point of a caravan adventure is being away from technology, but a Wi-Fi booster can come in handy. A lot of caravan parks will have Wi-Fi access, but depending where you’re parked, your signal may be weak.
Update your family and friends with photos, make Skype calls, or check out what’s in your next town online without your internet connection continuously dropping out.

Looking for a caravan or accessories?

Check out these Bundaberg caravans and camper trailers and accessories retailers on LocalSearch.

Searle’s RV Centre
At Searl’s RV Centre you can find everything you need for your caravan and motorhome, including:

  • Caravan & motorhome parts & accessories
  • Repairs & servicing
  • Sale of caravans & motorhomes

If you’re looking for industry certified products and accessories for your next camping or caravanning trip, visit the team at Searle’s RV Centre.
To find out more about their extensive product range, visit their LocalSearch profile page.

Takalvans offers a wide range of quality new and used caravans at competitive market prices. Their product list also includes:

  • New parts & accessories
  • Caravan general servicing & repairs
  • Recommended insurance repairer

Whether you’re after a new caravan, or looking to kit out your existing vehicle, visit Takalvans for all your caravan and camping needs.
You can find out more about Takalvans and their services on their LocalSearch profile page.