How to design a baby’s room

July 13, 2015 - 2 min read

Have a new baby on the way, or want to create a room for your youngest? Here are some simple ways to create the perfect room for your new baby.

If you’re about to welcome a new life into the world, you’re going to want everything just right. From buying the perfect pram and car seat, to kitting out the nursery with essentials, there’s so much to think about when it comes to newborns. Whether you already know what gender your baby is, or you’re keeping it as a big surprise, check out these fantastic ideas for decorating your baby’s room.

A comfy chair

Not everything in this room has to be for your baby! A comfortable chair is an imperative purchase, if you want to make those late nights and early mornings just that little bit more bearable. Rocking chairs with foot stools are the most popular choice, however there are a range of designs on the market to choose from.

Flexible lighting

A big thing to consider when designing your baby’s room has to be lighting. Obviously, you want to keep it lovely and light—however, you also need to ensure your little one is able to sleep. A great way to do this is by installing blackout blinds over the windows.

Make it interactive

Keeping your baby’s room interactive will help stimulate their mind from an early age. This could include things that they look at while having their nappy changed (like pictures), or stuff to touch such as cuddly toys and play mats.

Pick the perfect crib

The crib has to be one of the most important features within the room—so be sure to find the perfect design. When purchasing, be sure to consider the size, shape and general ambience of the room, before deciding on the right one!

Keep it simple

Keeping the room to a neutral colour scheme is important if you want a room that will last—after all, babies grow so fast! By choosing plain walls, you’re able to easily change the vibe of the room without completely redecorating.


Although babies may be small, don’t be fooled—they still require a lot of stuff! Be sure to have enough storage for all their belongings, including an organised space for nappy changing products so it’s all easily accessible and at arm’s reach.