Simple Tricks For Fussy Eaters

August 5, 2015 - 2 min read

Do you have kids who are fussy eaters? Struggling to get them to eat anything you cook, that isn’t up-to their standards. Well we have some simple tricks for you, to get those little fussy ones to enjoy your food.

Being a fussy eater is a normal developmental stage in young children. As they grow older you will both become familiar with their favourite foods and their not-so-favourite foods. But dealing with a fussy eater can make this time seem like a million years away. We’ve done our research and created this simple cheat-sheet to entice your children into loving meal time.

Involve them in the process

Groceries: For some parents, the weekly shop is a dreaded experience. Involving them in the shopping process will not only keep them busy, but will make them eager to try their selections too. Allowing them to pick out colourful produce will help your child become excited about eating their finds. This is also a great learning tool. Ask them the name of the item they have picked and see if they know.
Meal Planning: Sitting down prior to leaving and asking your children what they would like to eat for the next week can help you get an understanding of their current tastes. This allows you time to work fresh produce into your recipes.
Cooking: Let them help with simple tasks in the kitchen, like washing vegetables, so they will be proud of the meal they have helped create and hopefully gobble down.

A little trickery

Hiding Produce: Hiding produce in your recipes is the oldest trick in the book. You can add endless diced vegetables into pasta sauces, meatballs and rissoles. Letting them build their own burger with a homemade patty (packed with veggies) and salad will sure to have them eager to eat up! Or create pasta out of vegetables (such as zucchini) by using a spiral grater and adding sauce.
Tasting Platters: Tasting platters are great for children who tend to graze throughout the day or even for a fun dinner party with the rest of the family. Lay out a couple of platters with sliced fruit, vegetables, boiled eggs, slices of cheese and other nutritious morsels, and allow them to choose their own food, all while exploring new tastes and textures.
Create Art: Decorate the plate in beautiful displays to wow your kids. You can create a simple smiley face, a stickman or even their favourite cartoon character. Click here for some great food art ideas.
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Do you have a trick to get your fussy eater eating? Tell us in the comments below!

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