Lighting to brighten your home!

July 15, 2015 - 2 min read

If you’re building a new home, or renovating your existing home, a crucial part of your design is the lighting you choose. Lighting can make or break a room—whether you need soft lighting for the bathroom or functional yet beautiful lights for the kitchen, picking the right lights can be hard work.

We’ve done our research and found the best lighting options for every room in the house. From ambient lounge rooms to mood lighting in the master bedroom, read on for the best lighting suggestions. We’ve even found some electricians to help you with your project!

Living area


For your living areas, you’re best to opt for ambient lighting. Ambient lighting clearly illuminates a room without being overly distracting. Ideas for ambient lighting include skylights, plenty of large windows and other lighting options such as downlights or lamp shades that gently diffuse the light.

Dining room


If you have a dedicated dining room, this is the place where you’ll be entertaining and enjoying your delicious home-cooked meals. To add some drama to the room, invest in a statement piece, such as a large pendant light. This will set the scene for those classy dinner parties!



In the kitchen it’s important to invest in bright lighting—there is nothing worse than trying to use a knife in the dark! For the best lighting possible, invest in good downlights around the whole kitchen, and drop-down lamps in places where you’ll be preparing food. Opt for white lighting, rather than warmer colours for a bright, airy kitchen.



We’ve all experienced that horrible moment in a change room where you’ve looked in the mirror and those bright white lights have washed you out—highlighting things we’d prefer not to see (such as cellulite!). For a relaxing and comfortable bathroom experience, opt for warm, yellow bulbs as your main source of light. If you’re worried it’s going to be too dark to apply makeup or shave, install some mirror lights for tasks that require more visibility.

Main bedroom


Your bedroom should be a relaxing haven to take time out and rejuvenate. To achieve the best ambience in your bedroom, opt for soft lighting in decorative lamps or dimming switches. Avoid white or blue-based bulbs, as these will stop you from getting to sleep at night!

Kids bedrooms


The kids bedroom is the perfect place to have a bit of fun! Similarly to the main bedroom, you want lighting to be soft and warm to encourage sleep—but this doesn’t mean you can’t be creative! There are plenty of options for fun night lights or colourful pendants, so don’t hold back!