Kids bedrooms to inspire growth!

August 11, 2015 - 2 min read

Decorating your home as a parent can be hard work—finding a way to incorporate styles you like, that are also child-friendly is a difficult task. The one place that your children can let loose and express their full personality is their bedroom.

If you’re looking for a way to design a kid’s bedroom that will do more than just provide a place to sleep, then read on for some awesome ideas. No matter your child’s personality, we’ve got just the solution as well as some great Dubbo contractors to help you out.

The wild imagination

To help the imagination run wild – Home Adore

If your little one just loves to make up stories and spend the day pretending, then their bedroom should reflect this. Start by giving them plenty of places to hide, like a little cubby house or secret reading nook underneath a loft bed. Next, fill it with decorations that help to spark their imagination; some great ideas include fairy lights, a dress-ups box and a chalk board. Everything they’ll need to imagine and create will be in their own little haven, and hopefully keep most of the mess contained!

The active child

The best way to tire kids out – Growing Spaces

Perhaps your child can run around for hours without getting tired. While letting them loose on the playground is a great idea, what happens when the weather is bad or it’s night time? Cater to their bursting energy levels by incorporating active things into their room. Whether it’s a rock wall to climb onto their raised bed, a mini basketball court or some suspended monkey bars, this is one way to tire them out before it’s bed time!

The brain spark

Perfect for a science lover – Primitive and Proper

Some children have a natural knack and curiosity when it comes to learning. Whether it’s an obsession with space, or a tendency to tinker with computers, turning their room into a knowledge-packed haven will best complement their personality. Decorate the room by adding a galaxy lamp, throw in plenty of books and give them their own little workstation to play with their Lego or Meccano. You’ll have a mini Einstein in no time!

The nature fiend

The ultimate nature lovers’ room – Tay Rose Design

Have you noticed your tot wanting to play outside at every possible opportunity? Some kids are naturally drawn to the outdoors and love to be in spaces with plenty of trees and nature. If this sounds like your kid, the good news is that bringing the outside indoors isn’t difficult at all. Invest in a few wall decals to add some trees to the scene, or pick up some fake plants and vines to hang from the walls and ceilings. Stick to a natural colour palette and throw in some jungle sounds, for added effect.