Ditch that bulky briefcase and skip that yoga class that you don’t really like anyway to explore some of Townsville’s most character-filled watering holes.
1. The Great Northern Hotel

The Great Northern Hotel – Townsville

Do you know what is the perfect way to end a Wednesday? Pouring a glass of red in the heritage listed Great Northern Hotel. This long-standing favourite has been welcoming customers with open arms for the past 110 years, so basically they pretty much have it figured out by now.
But maybe red wine isn’t your thing? So why not try a dry Sauvignon blanc or one of the popular beers on tap this Wednesday. The Great Northern Hotel is renowned for being many ‘Townsvillians’ midweek local, there is always a running drink special accompanied by a picturesque view, especially if you’re there around sundown. Oh, by the way, Wednesday is bingo night! And this just in, apparently wine makes you smarter. So drink up, pull a team together and send your Wednesday off with a bang.
Where: 500 Flinders Street, Townsville City, QLD 4810
2. Townsville Brewing Co.
Townsville Brewing Co. – Townsville

Do you want to drink a pint of Townsville Bitter in the epicentre of Townsville history? Then this hump day head to the Townsville Brewing Co.
During WWII this ol’ girl was a military communication headquarters, and then it was transformed into a post office which naturally transitioned into a brewery because this is Australia and quality watering holes are important. So, if it’s Wednesday and about to strike beer o’clock, the Townsville Brewing Co is the place you want to be. You can sip on a beer that is fresh out of the brewery and even get in depth understanding on the brewing process while you’re at it. “Like the beer, wear the gear”, that’s right, the Townsville Brewing Co even have their own line of beer merchandise. A trendy selection of T-shirts, caps and hoodies that will truly project your love of beer and midweek drinks in Townsville.
Where: 252 Flinders Street, Townsville City, QLD 4810
3. Longboard Bar and Grill

Longboard Bar and Grill – Townsville

So by now we’ve established beer is important. At Longboard Bar and Grill they have their homemade brew with their very own branding as well, which is impressive! Something that is as equally impressive is their cocktail menu. Every lady in the office will love the lychee Caipiroska, but maybe just stick to one (remember it is only Wednesday and you do need to show up at work the next day). The vibe at Longboard Bar and Grill is distinct. It’s like a little slice of Hawaii in the heart of Townsville. Just a warning, the seating at Longboard Bar and Grill is strategic and it will suck you in. They have high tables and barstools scattered around the bar area which creates the perfect drinking precinct. Longboard Bar and Grill just know what works for midweek drinks in Townsville.
Where: The Strand Headlands, 80 Gregory Street, Townsville City, QLD, 4180
Do you have a favourite spot for Wednesday night drinks in Townsville? Let us know in the comments below.