How to style your verandah

August 2, 2015 - 2 min read

Are you keen to utilise your outdoor space? Well you’ll be pleased to know that verandahs are an effective, easy and pratical way to make the most of your garden!

Whether you already have one or are thinking about investing, we’ve found 3 of our favourite designs that fit perfectly under a porch. From classic country-themed spaces to coastal and naturalistic designs, there’s so many ways to transform that run-of-the-mill verandah into something spectacular. For all you need to know, as well as a few professionals in NSW who can help you out, read on!

Theme #1: Country

It is relatively simple to achieve the perfect country-themed verandah. Firstly, invest in some hard-wearing furniture—wicker chairs, outdoor couches and wooden coffee tables are ideal for this design. Secondly, you want to make sure it’s a welcoming place to relax; achieve this by adding your own personal touch. Whether it’s through some fresh flowers and plants, a piece of artwork or even scented candles, these additions will create a big impact. Lastly, give it that classic country cottage feel by having lots of blankets and cushions and other soft furnishings scattered across the verandah—this will allow you to keen warm and get cosy into the night as you stare among the stars.

Theme #2: Naturalistic

Do you love the great outdoors? Transform your run-of-the-mill verandah into a relaxing haven that embraces the beauty of mother nature. Keep your walls to a neutral shade, adopting the colours such as greens, blues, browns and creams. Invest in a range of beautiful plants and scatter them throughout the space, making sure they have plentiful amounts of sunlight. Choose some elegant and comfortable furniture, a few gardening props and whatever else suits the area—after all it’s your verandah. Keen to make it a multi-purpose space? Convert a corner of the room into a herb garden—this idea is super simple to execute and will give you some delicious herbs to cook with down the track.

Theme #3: Coastal

Turn your standard verandah into a coastal oasis by following these steps. Before you begin adding your decorations, be sure the area is nice light colour—soft blues and dusty whites work perfectly for this theme. Decorate your space with naturalistic furniture; this can include anything from wooden chairs and coffee tables to rustic nautical ornaments and wind charms—basically anything that’ll whisk your imagination away to sandy shores, blue oceans and the smell of the sea. To tie this look together, invest in some ocean-themed soft furnishings such as cushions, throws and even a subtle rug—your coastal haven awaits!