How to apply long-lasting lipstick

August 2, 2015 - 1 min read

Ever apply your lipstick in the morning and by lunch its all gone? We have some tips for you to make sure your lipstick is long-lasting!

If you’re a fan of flaunting bold-coloured lips, you probably know the struggle of lip colour that doesn’t like to stick around. Whether you’re trying out this year’s latest beauty trends or simply opting for a classic red lip, check out these great tips for making that lipstick look luscious all day long!

1: Lip prep

The first step to achieving lipstick that stays on all day, is making sure you have a clean canvas to work with. Invest in a great lip scrub, or simply rub a dry toothbrush against your lips to gently exfoliate them. Use the scrub just before applying your lipstick, but also try to regularly exfoliate your lips to keep them smooth.

2: Lip stain

While a lot of people wear lip stain as an alternative to lipstick or gloss, this is actually a great base to work with when applying long-lasting lipstick. Simply put it on before applying your lipstick colour of choice, and this will help to disguise any worn-off lipstick between applications!

3: Layering

A fool-proof way of making that lipstick last for hours is to layer it; after each layer, blot your lips with a tissue and then reapply. Do this a few times and trust us—those bright red lips aren’t going anywhere.

4: Translucent powder

A professional tip for finishing off lipstick is to gently apply translucent powder. Simply place a tissue over your freshly applied lipstick, and then dab on some translucent powder through the tissue (so it’s not overbearing, and so you don’t ruin your good powder brush!). This helps to set the lipstick in its place for day-long wear.

How do you make those red lips stay on all day? Let us know your tips below!

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