How to plan a degustation

July 29, 2015 - 1 min read

Ever wanted to try a DIY degustation? We have you covered with degustation plan with al the steps. But if you do get stuck you can always go out to a restaurant, and try it the easy way.

Step 1: Pick a theme
The important part about a degustation is choosing a consistent theme. Whether you want a Moroccan-inspired evening, or keen for every meal to include a cheese element, one theme is the key to success. Choose a theme based on your culinary skills and go from there!
Step 2: Start with the mains
While each meal will only be bite-sized, pick your breadwinner first. By choosing the most impressive meal of the night to begin with, you can hand select other dishes to tie in perfectly with the flavours of your main dish.
Step 3: Choose your drinks
Once you’ve decided on your dishes, it’s time to pick the perfect drinks to accompany them. Choosing great wines, beers or spirits to match isn’t as hard as you would think. Some great pairings are:
– White meat & white wine
– Red meat & red wine
– Spicy curries & India Pale Ales
– BBQ food & stouts
– Use meal ingredients in cocktails for a perfect pair!
Step 4: Decorate
A degustation is all about creating a sensory experience, so make sure to decorate your dining area to match the food and drinks. For example, if your dishes are mostly light and fresh, then opt for some ambient lighting and put fresh flowers on the table to make the area feel airy and open. If you’ve picked a theme such as tropical food, decorating is pretty easy—bring some palm leaves inside, whip out those coloured fairy lights and give everyone leis!

Have you planned a degustation before? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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