Get pumped

When you have tight or damaged muscle tissue after your workout, your body naturally squeezes blood out of this area depriving it of the nutrients and energy it needs to repair. The stroking techniques used in a massage will pump fluid through the blood and lymph vessels helping with recovery.

Lactic acid

A deeper, more intense massage opens up the pores in your muscle tissue membranes, enabling fluid and nutrients to pass through. What does this mean exactly? Your body will be able to dispose of waste like lactic acid much quicker, as well as encourage muscle recovery.


As well as doing your own post-workout stretches, getting your muscles stretched through massage therapy will help to relieve tension and any built up pressure.

Previous injury

If you’ve ever experienced a significant injury to your body, then you’re likely to have some scar tissue present where the injury occurred. This scar tissue can limit the movement in your muscles, tendons and ligaments, making you prone to pain and injury. Having a sports massage can break up this scar tissue and help give you more freedom and flexibility.

Feel good

Built up tension and lactic acid can cause your muscles to be extremely sore post-workout. A sports massage will release endorphins throughout your body which not only reduce pain, but also help you relax and feel good.


If you feel like you may have suffered an injury during your workout, we suggest taking a trip to your localĀ Sunshine Coast medical centre so they can have a closer look.

Get yourself a sports massage

Now you’ve heard all the benefits, it’s time to get one yourself! We’ve found the best places to go for a sports massage on the Sunshine Coast.
Mooloolaba Massage & Sports Health Clinic

Friendly team of professionals, Mooloolaba Massage& Sports Clinic - Sunshine Coast
Friendly team of professionals, Mooloolaba Massage& Sports Clinic – Sunshine Coast

For all sports-related aches and ailments, let the team at Mooloolaba Massage and Sports Health Clinic work their magic. Located in the heart of Mooloolaba, they are the longest running remedial massage clinic in the area and have the expertise to prove it. Stop battling your post-workout soreness and have one of the qualified massage therapists take the pain away. Whether you’re after remedial massage, sports massage or would prefer some dry needling, Mooloolaba Massage and Sports Health Clinic can do all this and more!
Where: 143 Brisbane Rd Mooloolaba Sunshine Coast QLD

Feel Good Therapeutic Centre
Stop in and relieve your aches, Feel Good Therapeutic - Sunshine Coast
Stop in and relieve your aches, Feel Good Therapeutic – Sunshine Coast

If you’re closer to the Maroochydore region, Feel Good Therapeutic Centre will be happy to help with any muscle-related aches. Home to a versatile range of massages including remedial, pregnancy, sports, therapeutic, plus more, there really is something for everyone! Specialising in pain management, if you’ve got a niggling soreness that just won’t go away, the massage therapists here can personalise the service to help you recover. For a quality massage, friendly staff and affordable prices, give Feel Good Therapeutic Centre a call!
Where: 46 Maud St Maroochydore Sunshine Coast QLD
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Do you love getting a post-workout sports massage? Tell us why in the comments below!