Pores are minuscule openings on the exterior of the skin that allow sebum (the body’s natural oil) to be released to the surface. The only areas on your body without pores are the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. Large pores can be a menace to deal with and unfortunately, it is largely to do with genetics. However, there are some things you can do to ensure your pores are in good condition.

Primers and Pore Minimising Products

If you have large pores, you will know the trials of applying make-up without your pores soaking up your products. The easiest solution is to ensure you moisturise (see skincare below), use a primer and potentially also a poor-minimising product.
A primer will ensure your skin is in optimum condition before applying your make-up. A pore-minimising primer will normally contain ingredients to work the same as a pore-minimising product.
The key thing to remember is, these products don’t permanently minimise your pores-they aid in masking them. These products normally fill in the pores so the make-up cannot seep into them, preventing the speckled look.

Skin Care

Pores can become enlarged due to excessively oily skin (due to blockage), sun-damaged skin and unfortunately, during the natural aging process. Knowing how to care for your skin is the basis of healthy, glowing skin.
Skin care professionals can advise on the best combination of skin care products for you. If you are sticking to a budget, the basic products should include a alicylic-based cleanser, a retinol-based moisturiser, sunscreen and an exfoliator containing AHA (alpha hydroxyl acids) or BHA (beta hydroxyl acid/salicylic acid).
Exfoliating is recommended once to twice a week. Over exfoliating your skin can lead to over production of oil, redness or tightness and excessive dry patches.

Professional Help

If you are suffering from extremely clogged or problematic pores, seeing a professional is the best solution to ensure you don’t damage your skin.
A common professional treatment for pore treating enlarged pores is Microdermabrasion. This intensive exfoliation is a procedure involving the remove of the top layers of skin. By removing dead or damaged skin cells, your pores will be cleared and your skin will feel fresh and new. This may assist in making your pores less noticeable when followed with the appropriate skin care products.
Other treatments include laser therapy, chemical peels and prescription medications. Talk to your local skin care professional to find the best technique for your skin.

Do you need help fixing your problematic skin in the Gosford area? See our picks below.

The Caci Clinic

Specialising in a large range of treatments, The Caci Clinic will customise a regimen specifically for your needs. Drop by for a skin, body or laser treatment and finish off with a relaxing green facial peel in one of their candlelit treatment rooms. Whether you are looking to treat a problem with your skin or simply unwind, the team at The Caci Clinic is here to help.
Where: 1/101 Victoria Street, East Gosford NSW 2250

Ellysian Beauty Skin Therapy Centre

Searching for a full service beauty salon? The Ellysian Beauty Skin Therapy Centre offers everything from tanning, facials and massages to light therapy LED. Pop down for a one-hour treatment or stay and enjoy one of their luxurious spa packages to feel completely relaxed and invigorated. Can’t make up your mind? The team are more than happy to offer their qualified opinion to find which treatment is best for you.
Where: 490A The Entrance Road, Erina Heights NSW 2260

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