First thing’s first, lets choose the gin. With so many labels on our shelves it can be somewhat of a challenge to decide on the right bottle. From national distils to international favourites, our bottleshops are flooded with choice, so lets make your decision easy; if you want a gin that you can really taste, it has to be Bombay Sapphire. This distinguishable spirit is created through a vapour infusion process to develop a unique and aromatic taste. Pair this bad boy with your favourite tonic and you’ll be rolling. Here’s how:
What you need
-50ml Bombay Sapphire
-100ml premium tonic water
-A generous slice of fresh lime
Choose your desired glass and fill with ice (we like them short). Add the Bombay Sapphire and top up with tonic water. Squeeze the lime around the rim of the glass and subsequently into the glass. Your perfect gin and tonic is served.

Okay – so you’ve got the recipe, all you need now is the ingredients. Head down to one of these bottleshops located in and around the heart of Newcastle for all your G&T ingredients.
The Bottle-O

Grab your bottle of Bombay Sapphire from The Bottle-O. This fantastic bottleshop stocks all the favourites as well as top shelf spirits and wines which are perfect for a special occasion. Located in Wickham, swing by The Bottle-O after work to pick up a bottle of Bombay Sapphire along with your tonic, before heading home to whip up your beverage. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask the friendly team to help you out! Head to The Bottle-O today for all your beverage needs.
Where: 6 Throsby Street, Wickham, NSW, 2293
Vintage Cellars
Vintage Cellars is the ideal place to stop by and collect the ingredients for tonights gin and tonic. Found on Darby street in Cooks Hill, this bottleshop is home to a huge range of alcohol for all occasions and with Bombay Sapphire taking pride of place on the top shelf, you know it’s a trusted location. So grab yourself a bottle of gin, have a quick chat with the local staff and head home. Forgot the ice? You can pick it up here so remember to ask for a bag at the cashier desk.
Where: 235 Darby Street, Cooks Hill, NSW, 2300
Ice Box Liquor
The Ice Box Liquor is yet another well-known bottleshop which has the locals flooding to it for all their alcohol needs. With a healthy supply of Bombay Sapphire on the shelves, you won’t be leaving empty handed at this bottleshop. While you’re there, take a browse over their range of beers, ales and wines – after all, sometimes it’s good to mix it up a bit. Is Ice Box Liquor your local bottleshop? Make sure you sign up to their unique programme which rewards customers every time they shop there.
Where: 1 Merewether Street, Newcastle, NSW, 2300
Prefer rum? Don’t worry, it’s not a crime. Check out this awesome blog which talks you through one of the best rum recipes in the market! Go on, drink like a sailor, we know you want to! 
What’s your favourite gin? Let us know!