Sweet goods to keep you fuelled, Banjo's - Sunshine Coast
Sweet goods to keep you fuelled, Banjo’s – Sunshine Coast

Keep yourself fuelled up for the big day with a big breakfast; before you head to paintball and combat against each other on the field, grab your mates and pop into Banjo’s bakery café in Maroochydore. Pick up one of their specially blended coffees to go alongside a freshly baked treat to fill you up for some serious sport. For a healthy start to the day, order a toasted sandwich to go, made with bread baked in-house that day. If you’re after a smaller snack or a naughty treat, you can try their raisin toast or one of their custard filled Danishes to get that sugar rush you might need to run around for hours. Step into their welcoming café before you head down to the field and meet the friendly staff at Banjo’s for a delicious pre-game meal.
Where: 50 Plaza Parade, Maroochydore QLD 4558
Skirmish Sunshine Coast

Action filled fun, Skirmish Sunshine Coast - Sunshine Coast
Action filled fun, Skirmish Sunshine Coast – Sunshine Coast

Test your bravery by running out onto a field with paint pellets flying around you. Paintball is a high-energy, team building sport that’s awesome to play with your friends or work colleagues for some healthy competition. Head down to Skirmish Sunshine Coast and check out their themed playing fields set in the bush. Run around and hide behind barriers, bunkers, in the scrub or take over a fort for a prime shooting position. The staff at Skirmish Sunshine Coast will help to organise games, from capture the flag to a free-for-all crazy game on an open field. Pick up your Tippman semi-auto paintball marker and go to town strategising with your mates on how to be the number one team on the day. All you need to take is closed-in shoes and a bunch of energy, and Skirmish Sunshine Coast will do the rest, providing the paint, safety equipment, referees and clothing needed for the day.
Where: Ettamogah Pub, 73 Frizzo Road, Palmview QLD 4553
Jae’s Place
Delicious meals, Jae's Place - Sunshine Coast
Delicious meals, Jae’s Place – Sunshine Coast

After you’re tuckered out from running around a paintball field, jump into the shower and head down to Jae’s Place for dinner and a drink. This is the perfect venue to talk over the day gone, gloat about big wins and share bruises. If you can still move your muscles, try a game of barefoot bowls alongside a crisp pint of pale ale to keep you refreshed after a big day running around. Since opening, Jae’s Place has become a popular meeting spot for locals to catch up over a beer and some delicious food. Surely you’re hungry after paintball? The dinner menu at Jae’s Place will definitely impress. Try their full rack of lamb with herb and garlic potatoes, Dutch carrots, snow peas and a red wine reduction. If you want something to tie you over until your main comes out, order the flaming buffalo wings served with Japanese mayonnaise for a spicy starter. Don’t drive past Jae’s Place to end your day out on the Sunshine Coast; this is a local gem not to be missed.
Where: 129 Mooloolah Connection Road, Glenview QLD 4553
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