Where to hang that artwork

July 30, 2015 - 2 min read

Got a whole bunch of glorious portraits in storage that you’d like to display? Maybe you’ve got a piece of artwork on the wall that doesn’t quite belong. Whatever your dilemma, hanging art around your home doesn’t have to be a tedious task!

We’ve done our research and come up with some simple solutions for all of your art hanging adventures. Read on to become a pro at styling your own interior space! We’ve also included some Tamworth interior decorators to assist with giving you that extra edge.

No matter your taste in art, there’s a place in your home where it will belong. Whether you want the art to act as a central focus, or to subtly complement the rest of the room, we’ve compiled a list of the best types of art for the look you’re after.

Abstract art


Excellent for adding a loud touch to minimal spaces, abstract pieces can really add personality to a room. The best thing about abstract art is its versatility—pieces range in levels of subtlety, and can therefore be appropriate for any room in the house. As they come in any colour you can imagine, abstract art will match any furniture colour scheme you’ve already developed.

Intricate paintings


Depending on the content of the painting, you may want to do some tweaking to its surroundings. If you have a beautiful painting of a sunflower field that you want to hang in your living room, try incorporating splashes of yellow in other elements of the room, such as sofa cushions. Other earthy tones will also help highlight the use of colour in a sunflower portrait. If your artwork is an intricate scene, such as an Italian cafe, try adding a touch of Mediterranean decor into the room.



If you’re opting for a luscious landscape, go big! Large canvasses are perfect for delivering the full effect of any natural landscape artwork. Reserve this for a centrepiece in your living or dining areas. Alternatively, a landscape piece is an excellent choice for completing a bare wall that you don’t want to clutter with heaps of items.


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The perfect option for a personalised touch, photographs are a great choice for implementing artwork with sentimental value. For adding drama to a room with bold design, opt for black and white snaps, bordered by slick black frames. Photographs are also perfect for creating a homely gallery. No matter what the size, photographs work well on the walls when displayed as a collection—perfect for both intimate spaces such as hallways, and more open rooms.