Hot House Design Trends

December 1, 2015 - 2 min read

Designing your home can see like a big task, but luckily we have put together this list of things to look out for and what trends in design you might enjoy. Give every room in your house a makeover and ready for a new year.

There are so many options to choose when designing your home, or selecting additions for your renovation. We’ve scoured the latest house design trends to bring you our favourite property features of 2015!

Versatility & Space Efficiency

Stair shelvesStair office

One of the hottest house design trends seen in 2015 was creating a more versatile and space efficient home. Because people are steering towards smaller homes, including townhouses and apartments, wasting space is a thing of the past.

If you have stairs in your home, you may have extra space, or a ‘stair alcove’ beneath it. Unlike the cramped ‘Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs’, adding shelves will create a useful and attractive space for books, memorabilia or decorative trinkets.

Another popular staircase trend is to create a small study or home office in the space underneath the stairs. Purchase a desk that fits neatly inside for a clean finish and keep the furnishings simple to complement the surroundings.

Natural Materials

Wood floorWood kitchen

Using natural materials in your home build, renovation or alterations is a great way to add a rustic or retro feel.

Whether you rip up your old carpet to reveal the glorious wood flooring underneath, install rustic wood bench tops or even use recycled cabinetry, recycling products is great for your budget and the environment!

Bath Tub Trends

Free standing bathBathroom vanity

Thanks to shows like ‘The Block’ and ‘Reno Rumble’, freestanding and feature bathtubs are all the rage. If you watch these shows, you know they can be quite expensive, but are well worth the investment and relaxing soak.

If you’re looking for more room and content with just a shower, foregoing the bathtub in your bathroom is also a popular house design trend. Instead of a bathtub, add larger cabinets, double-basins or even a make-up vanity!

Technology & Home Gadgets

House gadgetHouse tech

House designers are becoming more aware of evolving technology and adding nifty gadgets to property builds.

Step into the future with a house hub that can help you play music throughout your home, close the blinds, dim the lights or adjust the temperature in any room.

If you’re looking for added security, key less entry is rising in popularity. This system means that no one can enter your home unless you open the door, or they have a chip or code to allow them access.

Ready To Design Your New Home?

Whether you’re looking to start a fresh with a new home or renovate your existing property, a building designer will be able to help you choose the latest options to best suit your needs.