Guide To Potty Training Your Puppy

December 1, 2015 - 2 min read

It’s happened to all of new pet owners—one minute your cute little pup is playing with you and the next they’re lifting their hind leg and raining on the parade. If there are 2 things puppies do well, it’s look cute and pee uncontrollably. If you want to keep your home dog-pee free, it’s crucial you start training them from the moment they arrive home. Check out our guide to toilet training your pup.

Know When You’re Needed

When your pup is only a couple of months old, they won’t be able to hold their bladder any longer than 1-to-2 hours at a time. This will slowly get longer as they grow older. Before your puppy answers its call to nature, it will start circling around anxiously and sniffing. This is your signal to take action and guide your dog outside.

Repetition & Consistency

The key to toilet training your new furry family member lies in repetition and consistency. Take them to the same spot, around the same time everyday. That way they won’t opt for your bedroom floor instead.
Not being consistent and letting your pup go to the toilet in the house, will only confuse them and cause further set backs. The best times to take your pup outside is after they sleep, eat or drink.

Use Commands

When you take your puppy outside, use commands like “toilet” or “go” to indicate that it’s now okay to go to the toilet. Your dog will quickly associate these words with relieving themself and will soon learn that no “toilet” or “go” means no toilet at all!

Praise & Avoid Punishment

When you take your puppy outside and they go to the loo like they’re supposed to, give them praise! Whether its in the form of treats or pats, let them know they did good. If they refuse to go to the toilet, don’t get angry! Simply ignore them and keep trying until they eventually get it right!

Indoor Accident

Remember to only tell your puppy off if you’re catching them in the act of going to the toilet where they’re not supposed to. Telling them off for a little doo doo they did days ago will only confuse them.

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