More Than One TV

When it comes to hosting your own footy party, try not to herd all your guests towards one television. While it’s good to have a main television, make sure you accommodate for those die-hard fans who want to watch the game without distraction. Also, if you’re moving a TV, make sure you give it a test before kick off.

Headache-free Cleaning 

The point of a party is to have fun, so make cleaning up easy by using paper plates and cups! This will allow you to spend more time with your mates, and less time doing the dishes.

Prepare For The Worst

Unfortunately Mother Nature doesn’t always agree with your grand final plans. With this in mind, make sure you provide shelter for your guests to protect them from any harsh weather.

Footy Theme

Once you know what teams will be competing for the holy grail, head to your local Sunshine Coast party supplies store and go nuts. From themed lollies and cakes to banners, balloons and streamers, there’s no limit when it comes to ‘footifying’ your home.


Establish how many guests will be attending and work out how much food you need from there. Make sure there is plenty of finger food to last the evening, as well as some more wholesome selections. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t be afraid to ask your guests to bring a dish.

Prizes & Giveaways

You can create a few prize packs by heading to your local Sunshine Coast supermarket and purchasing some baskets, as well as goodies to go in them. Once your prize packs are sorted you can organise some grand final-related competitions. Some fun ideas include:
First goal/try scorer—Print out the grand final team lineups and cut out each player’s name so they are all separate. Scrunch them up and put them in a hat. Have your guests randomly pick a player and if they score the first try or goal, they win a prize pack.
Norm Smith/Clive Churchill Medal winner—Print out the grand final team lineups and cut out each player’s name so they are all separate. Scrunch them up and put them in a hat. Have your guests randomly pick a player and if they get best on ground, they win a prize pack.
Winning team & margin—Have each guest select a team and winning margin, and the closest to the correct score wins.

REMEMBER—There are two golden rules when it comes to game time; always pick a side (no fence-sitters) and under no circumstances stand in front of the TV!

Need some help getting the party started? We’ve featured a Sunshine Coast party supplies business and catering company who will be happy to lend a hand.

Burma In Ya Belly
Address: 6 Industrial Ave, Caloundra, QLD
There are so many things to consider when organising your own footy finals party, and cooking for a large group is certainly one of them. Let Burma In Ya Belly cater for your party, so you can relax and enjoy the game. Their services include:

  • Mobile catering
  • Burmese & modern Asian cuisine
  • Caters to parties, corporate functions, markets & more

If you want to treat your guests to some great-tasting Malaysian cuisine, Burma In Ya Belly won’t disappoint. For more information on their services, visit the Burma In Ya Belly LocalSearch profile.

Nambour Party Hire
Address: 17 Florence St Nambour, QLD
When it comes to hosting your own footy finals party, Nambour Party Hire can help coordinate the event and take the stress out of the occasion. Nambour Party Hire services include:

  • Equipment hire
  • Party supplies & decoration
  • Helium kits

From organising the table and chairs, to supplying the ballons and decorations, Nambour Party Hire is your one-stop party supplies shop. They also specialise in weddings, corporate functions and community events. For more information visit the Nambour Party Hire LocalSearch profile.