Hangover Facts and Fiction

August 7, 2015 - 2 min read

Lets set the facts straight on what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to drinking and hangovers.

FACT: A hangover used to be called a “crapulous”

Prior to 1904, the hangover as we know it was called a “crapulous” and the medical term is veisalgia, which literally means pain and uneasiness after debauchery.

FICTION: Hair of the dog

Unfortunately, drinking another alcoholic beverage the morning after a night of excessive drinking will only have short-term effects. The liver is already in overdrive ridding the body of toxins, so while a warm beer may help you feel better at the time, you are going to feel worse not long after.

FACT: Carbs can aid in recovery

Stomaching food is normally the first thing you want to do when waking up with a hangover. Your metabolism slows down while the body is pumping out all of the after-effects of the night before, so complex carbs (whole grains, fruits and vegetables) will create a spike in your blood sugar, lifting you out of your slump.

FICTION: Sweat it out in a sauna

This myth is potentially dangerous, in some cases fatal. By being hungover, you are already dehydrated and by inducing further sweating you run the risk of severe heart problems. It is highly recommended to instead drink plenty of water and stay away from the sauna.

FACT: Women may not be able to drink the same amount as men

Men carry more water in their bodies than women, resulting in the female body diluting alcohol less than it would for a man. Alcohol is spread throughout the body by the water in your bloodstream. Women also have lower levels of an enzyme that helps break down alcohol, keeping the alcohol in the body for longer.

FICTION: No hangovers for wine drinkers

Wine contains a textural element called tannins that makes wine taste dry. Although white wine contains less tannins than red wine, the compound is known to trigger headaches in some people and result in a harsher hangover.

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