Handling pantry pest control

July 24, 2015 - 2 min read

While you may be worried about those ants on the windowsill, there could be other pests moving in right under your nose! Pantry pests are the worst of the lot.

There’s nothing more sickening than opening that bag of flour to find weevils have infested! Here’s how you can eliminate most pantry pests, without putting all that food at risk!

Where do pantry pests come from?

It depends on the pest, but generally they are brought in via grain-based products, pet food, birdseed and other products. Sometimes they can simply crawl or fly their way into your pantry. The most common pantry pests include weevils, moths and beetles.


The best way to tell if you have a moth infestation is to find an adult moth flying around in your pantry (this usually happens at night). If you think your pantry may be home to moths, check all the dry food in your cupboard such as pet food, flour, cereal and rice. Basically, check everything—moths hide out in dry places. Get rid of anything past its use-by date. Thoroughly clean your pantry, scrub the shelves and pop in some pheromone traps that safely trap male moths. These traps won’t eliminate them all, but you’ll be able to see the extent of your problem.


Weevils do not bite, sting or harm humans; so if you find an infestation, don’t panic. Simply remove all food from the pantry, and throw away anything that might be contaminated—such as sugar, grains, dried beans and breakfast cereals. Wipe all areas with clean soapy water and be sure to get into all the corners and crevices. Eucalyptus oil is a great way to discourage weevils from resurfacing. Once the shelves are clean and dry, pop your food back in and place a few bay leaves in the cabinet to deter future infestation.


So those ants on the windowsill have somehow made their way to the pantry? The first step is to move any containers or products that aren’t in their path out of the way, this will help track down what they’ve found so delicious in your pantry. Once you’ve found the food they’re after, throw it in a plastic bag and put it in your outside rubbish. All that’s left to do is clear out the rest by wiping down your shelves with vinegar—this cleans, disinfects and leaves an odour that deters ants.