How to make a flower crown

August 6, 2015 - 2 min read

Perfect for any festival, bridal party or celebration, the flower crown is a statement piece for any outfit. Why not make a fresh one with beautiful flowers?

So you’re on a quest for the perfect flower crown. Why not make your own? This way you can have all the elements you want while saving money! Here’s how you can create a beautiful flower crown.

Gather your tools


You’ll need 2-3 types of flowers (your choice) that are trimmed to about 7-8cms in length, 1-2 types of filler flower such as baby’s breath, also trimmed to 8cms.


  • A pliable, twine-covered wire
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Plain twine or ribbon
  • Garden shears or sharp scissors

Step 1: Make the base of your crown

To do this, wrap the twine around your head where you want the crown to sit—this will determine the length of twine required. Lastly, cut the amount needed (usually around 60cm) being sure to give yourself a few extra centimetres. Make a loop at either end so you can adjust the fit later, then set twine aside.

Step 2: Group your flowers

Now the real fun begins, it’s time to arrange your flowers! Pick one of each type of main flower along with a filler flower. Make sure they are grouped so they look beautiful from all sides. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, get some floral tape and secure the cluster by wrapping it around the base of the stems. Continue this step until you’ve made enough mini bouquets—feel free to create a range of different combinations.

Step 3: Add the flowers to your twine

Grab your looped twine and hold the lengths of the stems along it. Using floral wire, secure one of your bunches to the twine by wrapping around the flower stems and the twine—keep wrapping until secure. Continue adding bunches so they’re all facing the same direction, and be sure to leave no spaces between bunches.

Step 4: Securing your crown

Cut a piece of plain twine or ribbon and feed it through the twine loops. Tie a bow and place in your hair—adjust if necessary and you’re done!