Guide to Selling Your Car

August 21, 2015 - 4 min read

There’s more to selling a car than sticking on a ‘for sale’ sign. There are many ways you can increase your sale price, as well as some responsibilities you need to know about before listing anywhere online. Check out our guide to selling your car in Australia before you yell, “SOLD!”

Want to sell your car, but don’t know where to start? Whether it’s your first time selling or you just want to get the most for your vehicle, read on for everything you need to know. We’ve examined the pros and cons of selling your car privately, through auction or trade in, as well as guiding you through the entire private sale process. Don’t get ripped off! Follow the below tips and find out how to sell your car quickly and for maximum value.

Choosing your method


Private sale: This option usually gets the best price, however there are a range of privacy issues and you have to do business with complete strangers.

Auction: Fast, easy and no dealing with strangers, however you will have to pay entry fees and won’t get the best price as you have to pay a commission.

Trade-in: Fast, easy and convenient, however you won’t get anything close to the same value if sold privately

Selling privately?


If you want to take matters into your own hands and sell your car privately, there’s a number of things you have to take into account if you want the sale to go smoothly and maximise your vehicle’s value—we’ve covered them below.

Clean and detail


Nobody likes inspecting their potential car, only to discover a whole heap of mess and random smells. Give your car a good clean out and consider having it detailed by a professional. It’s also a good idea to fix any lumps, bumps or missing paint, as this can severely depreciate your car’s value.

Pick your price and be patient


Never sell in a hurry! Do your market research and see what similar cars are selling for. Give yourself a little room to barter, pick a price and stick to it. It’s easy to get intimidated by potential buyers, but don’t budge. If you know your car is set at a good price, the right buyer will come around eventually.

Spark an interest


The more people who want your car, the better chance you have of selling it for the asking price. Make sure your car is listed on as many online platforms as possible—ie, and etc—with great photos and all the information potential buyers could want. It’s also a good idea to put a for-sale sign on your own vehicle and posting the sale on social media platforms. You can never advertise your car too much!

Be ready to go


While each state has their own rules, before selling your car privately there are a number of hoops you have to jump through. According to NSW law, before the sale is finalised you must provide the buyer with a current certificate of registration and a roadworthy inspection report (AKA pink slip) no older than 42 days. After the sale you will then need to head to your nearest motor registry within 14 days and provide a range of information and pay any outstanding costs.

If you need to get a registration inspection for your vehicle, or just want to get some last-minute, pre-sale mechanical fixes, we’ve found a couple Taree mechanics who will be happy to help.

Garfields Auto Service Centre

Want to tick all the boxes before you sell your car? Stop by Garfields Auto Service Centre and let the experienced mechanics take a look. They offer a range of services including mechanical repairs and rego inspections, as well as power steering, brake and clutch repairs—plus more! If you have a mechanical-related issue, the team at Garfields Auto Service Centre will get your car back on the road quickly and affordably.
Where: 2 Caesia Pl, Taree, NSW


If you’re looking for a mechanic who can do it all, book your car in with the professional team at AUTOPRO TAREE. Not only are they proficient in a number of mechanical services, they can supply and fit a diverse range of car accessories and parts to your vehicle. Whether you’re after a rego and e-safety check or you just want to install a new bull bar, give the friendly team AUTOPRO TAREE a call today!
Where: 3 Victoria St Taree NSW

Not in Taree? Click here to find a mechanic in your local area.