Go With The Picnic Approach

Teddy bear picnic
If the weather is favourable, it makes perfect sense to hold your baby shower in the great outdoors. In addition to eliminating the stress of getting your home ready for the event, an outdoor baby shower will allow you to free up more space for guests as well as let the natural light compliment your colourful decorations. If you decide to have the event at your local park, or even just your backyard, your guests will have a great reason to bring along goody hampers. However, depending on the number of guests in attendance, it may also a good idea to set up a buffet table for guests to enjoy between activities.

Serve Finger Foods and Fruity Refreshments

baby shower finger food
Finger foods are a must for any baby-shower. In addition to being affordable, they allow guests to nosh at their leisure, freeing up more time for games, gift giving and gabbing about the joys of motherhood. Popular finger-food ideas include the classic cucumber and watercress sandwiches, chocolate-covered strawberries and red velvet cupcakes. The visual appeal of your choice of finger foods is almost as important as the taste factor, so it’s a good idea to choose offerings that compliment the baby shower theme aesthetically. Pairing your delicacies with some colourful refreshments, such as freshly squeezed juices and mini-smoothies, is a sure-fire way to make your baby-shower all the more special.

Games & Gift Giving

games and gifts baby shower
A baby-shower just isn’t a baby-shower without at least a few games. Some popular activities include Name ABC’s, where guests stand in a circle and have to state a baby name that starts with the letter of the alphabet that they are given (i.e a guest given A might say Albert, the next person B for Ben, etc). The player who hesitates is out. Other, more raucous games can include literal dummy spitting competitions as well as blindfolded ‘guess the baby food’.
Though it is certainly not an obligation, awarding prizes for the winners of these games can make them even more enjoyable, as well as give guests more reason to play.

Share the Wisdom & Well-Wishing

baby shower sentimental
A more recent and sentimental trend in baby showers has been creative well-wishing. Why not create a create a mock baby-mobile, upon which guests can stick paper notes bearing good will to the mother of the hour at the baby shower. Alternatively, you can prepare a guest book, upon which guests can provide their personal sentiments, as well as their own words of wisdom for first-time parents.

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