5 Wall Paint Technique Trends In 2015

December 4, 2015 - 2 min read

Who needs art when you can have a feature wall? These 5 stunning wall paint techniques will spice up any boring wall in your home.

As the year is coming to a close, you’re probably enjoying more and more of those “Year in Review” articles. Look out—here is another one to add to the list! Lets take a look at this year’s coolest trends in wall paint styles, which may just help you define your own style in your home in 2016!

15 Wall Paint Techniques to go from Blah to Ta-da

#1 Metal Chic

Image via Pinterest

Industrial chic has grown in popularity over the past years, and 2015 has been no exception. Using metallic colours to create a shimmery, industrial feel can immediately transform any home. This paint style works well for an accent wall in a contemporary space, and will allow you to be bold in your colour scheme.

#2 Shapes

Image via maisondornj.com

If you really want to brighten your walls and make your personality shine through, there are a range of wall patterns you can choose from. Whether you go for stripes, squares, dots or a harlequin (diamond) pattern, the various colours can really help tie in your space’s overall colour scheme, or liven up a dull room.

#3 Brushed Pearl

Image via houzz.com

This technique works well in a more traditional or country style space. The subtle shimmery look complements soft spaces, and can be created using either cool or warm colours. If you want to define a homely space, with lots of natural décor, the brushed pearl technique is for you.

#4 Sandstone

Image via sahm-one.net

Whether your abode is contemporary, traditional or eclectic, this look complements any style! This technique creates a textured, sandstone finish on your wall that, when paired with the right colour, can really complete your space.

#5 Dragging & Linen Weave

Image via valsparpaint.com

If you really want to add a beautiful, textured finish to a contemporary, eclectic or modern space, this painting technique is what you’ve been looking for. By implementing this technique in the home, whether as a feature wall or all around, the dragging and linen weave technique is definitely one to consider.

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