Get your property market-ready

August 7, 2015 - 2 min read

Are you planning to up sticks and move? Unfortunately, it can take more than a general vacuum, a spray of air freshener and a quick tidy up to get your home market-ready. To get maximum value for your property, you may want to consider the following tips.

From freshening up the walls to enhancing your property’s storage, follow these steps to make your house really stand out from the crowd! Need some help achieving property perfection?

Kitchen comes first

Modern kitchen - stock image
Modern kitchen – stock image

Before focusing your attention on the rest of the house, check out your kitchen. It’s probably no surprise that when it comes to buying and selling, this is the most important room in a house—so if your kitchen is sporting a rather outdated design, it’s probably worth renovating. It may seem like a big investment at the time, however this decision could really make the difference between browsing and buying.

Enhance the storage

Enhance storage - stock image
Enhance storage – stock image

Storage is something that every potential buyer will consider when viewing a house. There’s nothing worse than browsing though a property’s storage only to see clutter bursting at the seams. To avoid this unpleasant image, make sure your cupboards and closets are neatly organised and clutter-free before a viewing.

Paint it fresh

Fresh walls - stock image
Fresh walls – stock image

A fresh coat of paint never hurt anyone—especially when it comes down to selling. By giving your walls, doors, cupboards and other surfaces some TLC, you’ll instantly freshen up the space, making it feel like new! Top tip: by choosing lighter colours you’ll create a more diverse and appealing space for future buyers.

Make it bright

Make it bright - stock image
Make it bright – stock image

Does your home lack natural light? Don’t let this be a weakness! Attract buyers into thinking your home is bright by taking down any draping and unnecessary curtains to let more natural light in, as well as adding sparkles of artificial light throughout the property. Remember, warming tones are more appealing, so be sure to pick the right bulbs!

Maximise curb appeal

Curb appeal - stock image
Curb appeal – stock image

The outside of your property is what every buyer will see first—so don’t go skimping on your curb appeal! By making sure your front yard looks inviting, you’ll instantly entice people through the front door. Freshly mowed lawns, well-kept fences and even unique mailboxes can add to your curb appeal.