1. ​Urban Espresso Lounge and Jetty Beach 

Urban Espresso Lounge and Jetty Beach – Coffs Harbour

On your way to Jetty Beach? Be sure to stop in at Urban Espresso Lounge to indulge with a single or double shot (if you’re feeling a little average) of their unique blend from a local Coffs Harbour supplier. Coffee is so individual, at Urban Espresso Lounge they will cater for every need no matter how wacky it may sound to a flat white lover. If full-cream isn’t your thing, try organic bonsoy, rice milk or maybe almond milk with a sprinkle of Fraus chocolate with your morning coffee.
Even though this coffee hot spot is bustling most mornings, the baristas are quick! They’re not going to slow you down on your way to the Jetty Beach sunshine that’s for sure. Experience everything Jetty Beach has to offer with your delicious cup of Joe! The jetty foreshore has a well-maintained pathway, perfect for walking and rollerblading along. If you’re there on a Sunday, make sure you visit the Jetty Beach Markets and taste some local seafood, you may even be lucky enough to see a pod of whales or dolphins swimming off into the sunset.
Where: ​384A Harbour Drv Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450
2.​​ Artisti Coffee Roasters and Diggers Beach 
Artisti Coffee Roasters and Diggers Beach – Coffs Harbour

Artisti Coffee Roasters boast some of the best baristas in the area, so do yourself a favour and grab a cup of their signature blend to sip on while you admire the scenery at the pristine Diggers beach. Diggers Beach is one of the best beaches in Coffs to stroll along – there’s even an elevated pavilion for you to recuperate on after your walk. It is also one of the most popular surfing precincts in Coffs, so while you enjoy the strong and robust flavours in your Artisti Coffee cup, feast your eyes on some local surf talent.
Renowned for their family friendly picnic area Diggers is complete with a children’s playground and huge amounts of space for your kids to run around. Diggers is the perfect precinct for children who are a little hyper after a Artisti babyccino. Artisti Coffee Roasters have the highest quality beans around. This takeaway coffee hotspot was designed from a barista’s perspective and they use the best espresso machines and grinders that extract the coffee to its fullest.
When you’re not in a hurry to soak up the morning sun at Diggers Beach with your takeaway coffee, stop in at Artisti to have a sit-down coffee. It would be a crime to not experience some of the Artisti baristas signature coffee art.
​Where: 37 Vernon St Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450
3. ​Café Bellisimo and Boambee beach 
Café Bellisimo and Boambee beach – Coffs Harbour

Right in the heart of Coffs is Café Bellissimo, the ideal location to grab a takeaway coffee from before you head to Boambee Beach for a morning walk. If you’re a little hot and bothered, dip your toes in the ocean but be careful if the water is rough because this beach isn’t patrolled.
Boambee is a weekend leisure hub, the ideal location for water sports, horse training and even four-wheel drive enthusiasts. The best part about Boambee is after you grab your takeaway brew from Café Bellissimo you can enjoy your morning walk with your furry friend. Yes, Boambee is pet friendly and, better yet, you can even let your dog off the leash to run to their heart’s content. You will need a good strong coffee to keep up, so Café Bellisimo is a must before you visit.
​Where: ​City Centre Mall 28-32 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450
Where is your favourite takeaway coffee hub and beach to walk along in Coffs Harbour? Enlighten us in the comments below.