Ensuring Your Bike Is Perfectly Matched With You

October 13, 2015 - 1 min read

Make sure each bike ride is comfortable by following these simple tips and tricks to make sure your ride is perfectly fitted to you. We’ve even found some great local bike shops you can visit to get started.

If you’re a keen biker, here are some simple tips and tricks to make sure every ride on your bike is comfortable for you.

1. Saddle-to-Stem Distance on your bike

Take your elbow and lean it against the front of your saddle. The distance between saddle and stem is correct if your middle finger is touching the middle of your steer tube.

2. Saddle Height of your bike

Place your armpit on the saddle of your bike and hang your arm down towards the pedal. The saddle height is correct when your middle finger touches the top of the bottom bracket.

3. Stem Height & Length

Anchor your thumb to the middle of the steer tube and place your fingers on the stem on your handlebars. Your middle finger should reach the end of the stem. Keep in mind that stem length isn’t actually adjustable, so you should check this carefully when buying your bike.

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Although this method will get you a great bike fit, you can get fitted perfectly by a professional. There are a few bike shops near you where you’ll be able to get fitted.