Your legs are bound to be feeling the burn after the Ride Around The Lake so we have found the perfect places for you to re-energise and relax. Whether you’re into your juices, sweet treats or coffee, Wollongong is home to a number of fantastic restaurants and cafes that are perfect for a post-cycle chill out with your friends and family.
Bean Roasted Espresso Bar

Rustic decor, Bean Roasted Espresso Bar - Shellharbour
Rustic decor, Bean Roasted Espresso Bar – Shellharbour

Welcome to Bean Roasted Espresso Bar; home to exceptional coffee, friendly faces and a relaxing atmosphere. To be honest, there is simply nothing not to love about this unique coffee shop that is hidden away in Shellharbour. So if you’re looking for somewhere to grab a caffeine hit after your long cycle, be sure to visit this little gem!
Taking pride in each cup of coffee, the team at Bean Roasted Espresso Bar are expertly trained baristas who know exactly what preparation, skill and knowledge goes into the perfect cup of joe. Whether you’re a classic espresso head or a creamy latte lover, rest assured that when you order a coffee from this modern cafe, you’re in good hands. Chill out in their chic location as you sip on a perfect cup of brew that is good enough to cure any tired soul.
Where: 1/20-26 Addison Street Shellharbour NSW 2529
North Kiosk
Friendly faces, North Kiosk - Wollongong
Friendly faces, North Kiosk – Wollongong

if you’re one for fresh juices and fruity smoothies, don’t look past the North Kiosk after the Ride Around The Lake. This modern hub is well-known by both locals and visitors for serving up delicious snacks, drinks and light meals right on the beachfront. Whether you’re starving and in the mood for some classic fish and chips or craving something fruity and healthy like a stacked out smoothie, this quirky little kiosk cafe can deliver.
Park your bike and stop by the North Kiosk for fantastic food served with a smile. Whether you decide on a takeaway juice to enjoy while you dip your sore legs in the ocean or a wholesome burger and chips to eat as you relax in their beachfront seating area, be sure to make North Kiosk your destination after the Ride Around The Lake this weekend.
Where: 1 Cliff Road Wollongong NSW 2500
Clique Brothers
Indulge and enjoy, Clique Brothers - Wollongong
Indulge and enjoy, Clique Brothers – Wollongong

Perhaps something indulgent is what you fancy after your morning cycle? Well if this is the case, look no further than Clique Brothers for the perfect afternoon treat. This unique location is home to the best frozen yoghurt in Wollongong and poses as the ideal spot to chill out with your friends and rest your sore legs. Opening at 1pm every day, walk (or crawl) down to Clique Brothers for a treat you really deserve.
Serving up an abundance of delicious frozen yoghurt concoctions, your only difficulty this afternoon will be what to choose. Want to indulge without ruining your waistline? Well luckily for you, all flavours are at least 98.8% fat free making it the ideal guilt-free experience. Top off your favourite yogurt with a range of tasty toppings and relax in this modernly designed cafe for an afternoon to remember.
Where: 1/76-78A Market Street Wollongong NSW 2500
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