Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Emerald (February 2020)

Spend Valentine’s Day in Emerald making your special someone feel ultra loved with our date ideas for the big day. Pick one or do them all for a jam-packed day of appreciation.

Chocolates and flowers are nice, but they don’t beat a well thought out day of activities. If you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day in Emerald, we have your back with a full list of things to do from morning until night.

Oh, and don’t forget the flowers from your local Emerald florist to surprise your significant other on one of your date locations!

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5 Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Emerald 2020

1. Start the day off with a delicious breakfast at an Emerald café.

Once you’ve had a nice long sleep in, take your loved one to a local Emerald café for breakfast. Like any good café, you’ll find all your morning favourites, like smoothies, fully loaded breakfasts, smashed avocado on toast, bacon sandwiches and so much more.

Most breakfast spots in Emerald open between 6:00am and 8:00am, so whenever you rise, you’ll be able to grab something on the go or dine in.

2. Why buy a gem when you can fossick one yourself!

Gemstone and gold fossicking has been well and truly alive in Emerald since the colonial days. The local gemfields will teach you everything you’d ever want to know about living back in the days of the miners, as well as show you how to dig up some treasure. You may even find something to take home!

We should let you know, not every attempt at fossicking will upturn gems, so if you’ve got your heart set on a particular stone, maybe a shopping trip is in order. This will also give you a backup plan if it rains too.

3. Take a picnic to the Emerald Botanic Gardens.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your partner without any distractions. What better place to do this than in nature in the Emerald Botanic Gardens.

The Botanic Gardens offer 42 hectares of fields, playgrounds, trails and sights, so you can have a relaxing wander around before finding the perfect spot for lunch. Then, lay down your blanket, a few cushions, maybe a beach umbrella and all your lunch goodies. 

Unfortunately, your plans may be squashed if the weather forecast does come true, which is where the next date idea for Valentine’s Day in Newcastle will save the day.

4. Book a couple’s beauty salon package.

To save yourselves an argument of who gets and gives the massage this Valentine’s Day, book yourself in a couple’s package at an Emerald beauty salon. Even gents appreciate a good facial, manicure and pedicure from time to time, as well as that much sought-after massage.

Or, if it’s Galentine’s Day you’re celebrating, you and your friends will enjoy a package just as much as if you were shackled up.

5. Go classic with a Valentine’s Day dinner in Emerald.

Spending Valentine’s Day in Emerald does not mean resorting to take away — unless you love the idea of cuddling in bed with a pizza and movies, of course. As it’s so close to the big day, you’re going to want to be calling around and making a booking now, otherwise you may have no other choice.

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